OMG! Nidhi Chabbara had a past with Raman Bhalla – Know their story

We are all shocked and amused how Raman Bhalla in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is being so nice and gentle to Nidhi. He is also doing almost everything to please Nidhi and going against his family. He is a changed man and so is his behavior. It is indeed surprising how can he be so inconsiderate about Ishita whom he once loved so much.

yhm spoiler YHM: Raman Bhalla and Nidhi Chabbra Had a Past!

Why is Raman Trying to Please Nidhi? What Is The Reason?

Raman is being all goody goody to Nidhi and throwing all his tantrums on his family including his daughter Ruhi. Nobody knows why he is doing that. The family thinks he has changed. However, looks like Raman is doing this only to control Nidhi and to bring her in his confidence. The announcement of marriage has already melt her big time.

raman bhalla nidhi yhm YHM: Raman Bhalla and Nidhi Chabbra Had a Past!

All this drama of abusing his family and announcing the wedding Is just to please Nidhi. No, he doesn’t want to marry her but he in taking her in confidence so that he can get few clues and evidence that Nidhi has to prove Ishita’s innocence in the courtroom.

Nidhi Wants to Marry Raman Bhalla

Wondering why Nidhi, the rowdy lawyer wants to marry Raman Bhalla who is already married? Well, this has been her dream from ages. Yes, seems like there is a past and this is precisely the reason why Nidhi wants to marry Raman. No, it wasn’t much of a love story between the two but Nishi has been wanting to marry Raman before he married Shagun.

raman nidhi YHM: Raman Bhalla and Nidhi Chabbra Had a Past!

Nidhi was Once Rejected by Raman

Well, as per some reliable sources, Mrs. Bhalla wanted to fix Raman’s marriage with Nidhi. However, Raman was madly in love with Shagun that time. This is the reason why he had to reject Nidhi to marry Shagun.

raman bhalla YHM: Raman Bhalla and Nidhi Chabbra Had a Past!

The Bhallas has to refuse the match. This news did affect Nidhi’s family and her father suffered a major heart attack post which he lost his life. This is when a simpleton Nidhi vowed to make it big in her life and also pledged to make Raman Bhalla pay for his decision to reject her and marry somebody else. Though the Bhalla’s forget everything, Nidhi waited all her life for the right time. This is the reason why she didn’t take Ishita’s case first and compelled Raman to fall on her feets for his Ishita. Yes, it was all pre-planned by Nidhi when she got to know about Raman’s crisis.

Raman Bhalla Will Outsmart Nidhi

Raman is just acting as per circumstances. He has no intention to marry Nidhi. He in fact, is working in synchronization with his wife Ishita whom everybody assumes to be dead including Nidhi. While, Nidhi seems to be in bliss, she has no idea that are happy days are soon going to get over. And this will be done by none other than IshRa. We wonder, why people like Nidhi do such things to get their love back. Love cannot be forced upon anybody.

raman bhalla ishita bhalla romance YHM: Raman Bhalla and Nidhi Chabbra Had a Past!

Let’s see what the coming days in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has stored for her as well as the viewers

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