The little munchkin Ruhi Bhalla no longer wants to stay with her father Raman Bhalla. Yes, Ruhi too wants ti separate and wants a divorce from Raman.

It is indeed a tough time in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein where almost every character is going through hard times except of course the negative characters. And the worst affected is the main male protagonist – Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel)

Ruhi and Ishita YHM Spoiler Alert! Ruhi Wants To Break Her Ties With Raman Bhalla!

Raman Bhalla Will Get Another Divorce Proposal

No woman seems to be happy with Raman Bhalla. After separating with Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi), it seems there is another woman in his life who wants a divorce from him. After all, Raman Bhalla is the man who always fall on the wrong side when it comes to his issues with women.

02 1433224402 yeh hai mohabbatein finally raman ishita aditya ruhi make a happy family 5 YHM Spoiler Alert! Ruhi Wants To Break Her Ties With Raman Bhalla!

However, this time the divorce proposal is none other from his own cute little daughter Ruhi Bhalla (Ruhanika Dhawan) who wants to split her ties with Raman Bhalla

Ruhi Bhalla Is Not At All Happy With Her Father

The little girl and Ishita’s munchkin in the coming episode will be highly disappointed with the fact that her father is not so keen on finding his Ishi Maa and his dead wife. Believing that her father doesn’t care for Ishi Maa, Ruhi Bhalla will go and ask Raman for a divorce. The little phataka will also inform him that she no longer wants to stay with him.

yeh hai mohabbatein ruhi bhalla family pic YHM Spoiler Alert! Ruhi Wants To Break Her Ties With Raman Bhalla!

Yes, Ruhi is heartbroken, not only from her mother’s demise but also from her father’s behavior. She is saddened by her Ishi Maa’s untimely death and highly agitated by her father’s attitude.

Ruhi’s Divorce Will Leave Raman Aghast

This is what a source had to tell about the latest developments in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein –

“Ruhi would shock the family with her claim of divorce from Raman. The man too would be left aghast with this development and not know how to react.”

How will Ruhi deal with this situation?

We all know how close Ruhi was toher Ishi Maa. For Ruhi, her Ishi Maa is everything and no one can take her place. No wonder, Ishita married Raman only because of Ruhi and vice versa. This sequence will surely be a tough situation for Ruhi. However, we hope that her family and her Shagun Mama will help her deal with this situation.

SHAGUN ARORA RUHI BHALLA CLOSE UP PHOTO YHM Spoiler Alert! Ruhi Wants To Break Her Ties With Raman Bhalla!

Will Raman understand her pain?

Raman is surely upto something. However, we have no idea what it is. He is definitely under some influence this is the reason why he is compelled to do such things. He surely does understand Ruhi’s pain as he too is going with the same thing. However, he cannot show as in distancing himself with Ishita can be his only option to save Ishita.

raman bhalla YHM Spoiler Alert! Ruhi Wants To Break Her Ties With Raman Bhalla!


Ishita Will Come Back in a Modern Avatar

Ishita Bhalla is not dead. She, in fact, will return and this time in a modern getup – wearing short skirts and high heels. She will not only give Raman a tough time but also try to get into the bottom to find out why Raman had to do all these things.

divyanka tripathi YHM Spoiler Alert! Ruhi Wants To Break Her Ties With Raman Bhalla!

We hear, she will also flirt with ACP Abhishek Singh (her real life fiance) to make Raman Kumar Bhalla jealous. The coming episodes will indeed be intriguing but we hope Ishita and Rhui unite soon and so do Ishita and Raman. After all, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is incomplete without these two chemistry. What do you think?

Image Source: Instagram – Anita Hassanandani, Ruhanika Dhawan, Divyanka Tripathi

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