Santoshi Bhalla will catch Raman and Ishita in a hotel room?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein post leap is in a very strange situation where people are meeting their closed relatives but either it is a touch or go situation or the characters do not know who they are meeting. For instance, we had a lot of touch and go scenes where Shagun met Ishita. Besides, Adi met Ishita but he couldn’t reveal who he is.

And amidst all this confusion, now we have Ishita and Raman face to face. However, while Ishita can see and feel Raman, her husband Raman in a drunk state and thinks he is hallucinating.

ishita bhalla raman bhalla YHM Spoiler: Santoshi Bhalla to Spot Ishita and Raman Bhalla Together

Ishita and Raman in a Lift

When Ishita was in a lift to reach Romi and Mihika’s sangeet ceremony, she sees a drunk Raman getting into the same lift. She feels sad seeing his drunk avatar. He is not able to control himself and she tries to help him. Somehow she is able to control him. She then decides to take him to a hotel so that he can relax till he cools down.

Raman And Ishita Ishra YHM Spoiler: Santoshi Bhalla to Spot Ishita and Raman Bhalla Together

This is why she’ll escort him to a hotel by her car. However, while sitting in the car, Raman’s mother Santoshi Bhalla will see Raman with a lady. Yes, Toshi will see Raman and Ishita.

Santoshi Bhalla to Catch Raman and Ishita?

Well, Santoshi would want to go to Romi’s sangeet with Mihika. She would be eager to attend her son’s function. Simmi will then plan something. The two would get ready and this is when they’ll see Raman with another lady in the car.

Santoshi Bhalla YHM Spoiler: Santoshi Bhalla to Spot Ishita and Raman Bhalla Together

Santoshi and Simmi won’t realize that it is Ishita. Santoshi will be very angry to see Raman with a lady as he refused marrying Shagun and here he is having a fling with another lady. She would then want to follow the car.

Emraan Hashmi Will Help Santoshi Bhalla

Though Santoshi would want to get hold of Raman, she will not have any vehicle to follow. This is when Emraan Hashmi would offer a help to her. Yes, Emraan will be promoting his film Azhar here and Santoshi will get a lift to catch Raman and Ishita.

YHM Twist Santoshi Bhalla catches Raman with Ishita in Hotel Room red handed YHM Spoiler: Santoshi Bhalla to Spot Ishita and Raman Bhalla Together

Will Santoshi Catch Raman and Ishita?

Santoshi will do follow the couple. However, going by all the touch and go sequences it doesn’t seem that the makers will bring Ishita in front of Santoshi so soon. There will be a lot of drama before they see each other face to face. However, we wonder will Raman to see Ishita just the way Ishita saw Raman.

We hope the two lovebirds unite soon. No wonder, we have been waiting for their reunion from long. After all, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein without Raman and Ishita’s love and fight is a tea without sugar, simply no masala and fun.

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