If there was something you could do to improve your intimacy level that didn’t need a prescription, wouldn’t you go for it? If yes, check this yoga asans…

Always craved for a flexible body that could twist and turn in any way to perform all those sexual positions? While aphrodisiacs help you to get in the mood and increase your libido, yoga helps you to perform all those intimate positions that you thought were only meant for the pages of Kamasutra. What’s more, with some practice it helps guys to control their climax too. Indeed, yoga not only increases your fitness quotient alone but also facilitate your sexual prowess.

Stickney Brook Yoga 2721 Yoga, A Method to Boost your Intimacy Level!

So, how does yoga help to keep the act steamier on the bed? Well to begin with, the practice of yoga stimulates the body senses to that extent that each body cell can enjoy and experience the delight of the spouse’s contact during the intimate act. Yoga makes the interior muscles pliable, consequently the body turns out to be more open and you can easily perform an array of postures while you make love, with absolute ease. This physically as well as psychologically enhances  pleasure as well as enjoyment.

Practicing certain yoga asanas will relax your mind and soul, thus helping you to concentrate and focus better. What’s more, multiple orgasms can then be an usual phenomenon. Yoga also enables couples to bond and the pooled sensation of you two will allow enduring sex.

What are the significant yoga stances that help you to improve your sex life? Yoga acts as a therapeutic dose to battle many of the tribulations we face on a daily basis. What’s more, it also helps you to cope up with various problems related to your reproductive organ and sexual anatomy. Out of the may postures, the few simple ones that are perfect starters for jazzing up your sex life are as follows –

Full Butterfly pose (Poorna Titali Asana) – Sit straight with legs out in front folded at the knees by bringing the soles of your feet together and inhale. Then by placing hands on the feet, slowly adjust them so that the feet are moved closer to the groin area. Adjust your posture and then push your knees closer to the ground. Keep your eyes closed and try to relax. This pose not only is a mood enhancer, stress buster but also helps in improving your urogenital system.

Yoga Yoga, A Method to Boost your Intimacy Level!

Lotus Pose (Padma Ardha) – In this asana, the person has to sit with his legs crossed by placing the feet on the opposite thighs. If initially you are not able to enact the posture, try slowly and you’ll be able to perform it masterly gradually as you practice.

The Plow pose (Halasana) – In this pose, you have to lie straight on the floor and then by keeping the legs together you have to raise it and take them behind the head. Make sure the hands are kept firm on the floor and are parallel to the upper body.

The Inversion pose (Viprita Karani) – One of the best pose to increase the blood circulation, it keeps your nervous system in control, relaxes your muscles and keep you relaxed and calm. To carry out this asana, rest on the floor and raise your legs perpendicular to your body.

Simple yet very effective, these starter yoga asanas will help you lighten up the mood, make your body flexible and enable you to execute those exceptional sexual positions which you always thought of doing but restricted due to the constraints of your body.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Yoga at Wikimedia

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