Yoga since long has been implemented in our day-to-day life to better our lifestyle. Indeed yoga isn’t just for sake but actually is a fountain of benefits.

Would you not like nearing an interviewer with a breath of confidence? Don’t you experience an over-the-moon feeling when complimented on tall slim personality? May be not conceived, but your sound postures do reflect confidence. Not only confidence, there’s an enhancement in your overall personality. Knowing all, we are negligent towards our postures. The clock, for a moment, might wear out running continuously, but our chair-glued butts with a ‘c’ like bust-posture, no matter how much ever tiresome, know no awayness from PCs. Life today, although luxuriated aplenty, but at the cost of health. Sooner you make note of it, sooner you get rid of approaching unwanted postures.

Seemingly trivial, but our sleeping, walking and sitting manners, one day, would take a toll on our health. A daily practice of yoga can bestow you with such well-postured body that no eyes escape a glimpse of yours. Yoga poses come as a rescue, now it relies on us to prioritize our priorities.

Reanimate the no-longer-existing definition of a correct posture 

You entitle yourself as Mr. Well-postured only if you own a straight back, squared and relaxed shoulders, upped-chin, puffed chest and flat, inward stomach. To simplify, a straight line out of your body parts renders a correct posture.

No. of yoga poses for a better posture

  1. Cobra pose or Bhujangashana

Feed strength to your back and open your chest by granting cobra pose a green signal to everyday practice of your life. Acquire a sphinx position by positioning your hands in front of you on the mat. After being done with the former, stretch your arms until they are straightened. With pelvis and toes intact on the mat, move your ears away from the shoulders.

cobra pose Yoga, A Road To Correct Posture


  1. Child pose or Balasana

Sit on your knees with arms raised. With a gradual exhale, bring your body forward in a manner that your tailbone touches your heels. Stretch your arms out and bend forward your body so that the for-head lands itself on the floor.

balasana Yoga, A Road To Correct Posture


  1. Locust pose or Salabhasana

Rest your body upon the chest with extended-like arms of Superman. Elevate your legs and arms up keeping the contact between pelvis and floor undisturbed. Make sure to keep your fingers and toes outstretched. A mild pressure along your spine promotes strengthening the muscles around vertebrate. If not air, let us be the floored superman, doing real good to us.

locust pose Yoga, A Road To Correct Posture




  1. Hero pose or virasana

This asana, a seated pose ensures droop-less posture. Sit on your heels with your head held high firmly towards the sky. Those with knee issues are advised to not follow this pose.   

virasana Yoga, A Road To Correct Posture




  1. Standing forward bend or Uttanasana

Fold yourself over towards your feet, hold on it, clutch your elbows with opposite hands and breathe. Free your arms and open up your chest. Slowly, unfold yourself with an inhale. Exhale and repeat. Uttanasana a day, indeed keeps the spinal problems at bay.

StandingForwardBend Yoga, A Road To Correct Posture





  1. Mountain pose or Tadasana

A much doubted pose to get categorized under the yoga poses for layman, mountain pose is a standing pose, but with few add-ons. Stand 90 degree straight with expanded chest and sidely-placed arms. Push your chin back so that the ears directly lie over shoulders and allow your shoulder to relax. Maintain the specified alignment accurately.

mountain pose Yoga, A Road To Correct Posture


Indeed, the above discussed poses won’t be a piece of cake, as seems on reading. But, to harvest crops, a seed is showered with lot of requisites. The farmer’s struggle leads to the fruitful end. Similarly, initial days won’t run smooth, but with vigorous practice, all would be at your finger tips. Till then, all you are supposed to do is keep calm and practice, practice and practice.

By Prerna Daga

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