Yoga is known to heal the soul. Should there be universal acceptance or should we be debating its benefits still?

International Yoga Day will be celebrated on the twenty first of this month. We should be proud of it. It’s the hard work of our forefathers that is being recognized by the world, finally. Unfortunately some of our brothers are opposing it in the name of religion, forgetting that yoga is a science not a religion. How funny is it that we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc – all of which do not agree with our culture. But we have a problem with celebrating Yoga Day!

eagle pose yoga Yoga And Indian Religion   Whats Your Take?


Are we Hyprocrites?

In Indian society, every day is or should be fathers day & mothers day because our culture equated parents with God. Our culture clearly enunciates how parents are an important part of  society. They are the creators.

is yoga a religion Yoga And Indian Religion   Whats Your Take?

As far as Yoga is concerned, it has been scientifically proven that it keeps several diseases at bay and  also provides peace. Good health and mental peace are very sacred items in the 21st century. Even westerners visit our country in search of peace. But some of our brothers want to keep themselves & their children away from Yoga in the name of religion. In fact they are simply depriving their children. 

Yoga vs ‘Religion’

It has been decided to organize Yoga in every educational institution on 21st of June. But some members of the society object it in the name of religion. Is it justified? Government has made it clear that it is not compulsory. Can certain sections of society  object to national achievements so openly? The answer is no.

It is our tolerance which again & again are challenged. This is the time that there should be one rule , one civil code in the country. How long will India as a Nation will be challenged? It is the duty of learned people, media & civil society besides our politicians to educate such people to harness the benefit of Yoga.

It’s time to Learn

Presumably only a few people oppose it in the name of religion. I have recently visited my native place in north Bihar where some functions were organized in my family. Bhajan Kirtan was the part of the celebration and people from all religions and casts participated in it. We then had a feast in which all of us sat together and enjoyed.

I then realized that India belongs to all, only few want to disturb the peace of society. Those who are from  Bihar must have the experience that Chhath which is the most important festival of Bihar, are celebrated by all sections of the society, similarly Muhharam is celebrated both by Hindu & Muslim.

It is the time that society should identify such negative people & put them on back seat.

By Dr Dinesh Mishra 

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