Is it good humor or example of American media stereotyping India as land of snake charmers and cow herders only. Netizens annoyed outraged NYT apologizes.

The New York Times  has apologized on  Facebook  for publishing a cartoon on India’s Mars mission following readers’ complaints that it mocked India.

The cartoon by Heng Kim Song, a Singaporean based cartoonist showed a farmer with a cow knocking at the door of a room marked Elite Space Club where two white men sit reading a newspaper on India’s feat

heng cartoon India Space Mission The New York Times Apologizes For Offensive Cartoon On India...

While the intention of the cartoonist was to highlight how space exploration is no longer the exclusive domain of rich, Western countries, Indians felt offended which was was visible in messages to the New York Times community page on Facebook as well as tweets to @nytimes.

According to them, the cartoon was disrespectful, racists and in bad taste, tarnishing the image of India, and its people. Here are some of the messages of outrage to The New York Times. 

And finally the tweet which says it all….

On Facebook,


Don’t Miss the Sequel of the Cartoon which Indians made


However, there were many who thought the outrage is not justified

 After the outrage The New York Times came out with an apology defending both the newspaper as well as the award winning political cartoonist Heng Kim Song


However, Indians were still not satisfied


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Madison Square mentioned that he’d like America to believe that India is no longer a land of snake charmers. However, going by this political cartoon published in the New York Times, it’s seems it will take time before Americans shake off that concept.

Finally, cartoons that will bring a smile to  the active netizens. 




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