Educated youth joining militant ranks in Kashmir is a cause of worry and one needs to heal the deep scars of youth given by the people in power.

And the ocean of sorrows ——– deep inside our bosom, 

A tide of emotions born at heart——

checked the shores and rolled down,

Rolled down- in form of tears——–

this is all what we used to get from years,

Oh!!!! Our heart bleeds everyday——

muscles are in cramps and numbness,

And eyes for return of coolness.

youth in kashmir Youth In Kashmir

Whatever we taste in our contemporary past- suspense, character-driven, light and whimsical, heartwarming, humorous, we have to give everything’s account at the end. The manifestation of collective frustration of the youth in the Kashmir, when the existing norms in the society are perceived by the youth as ineffective or harmful to the extent that they offend them, and they feel disillusioned and disgusted that they recognize the need for changing these norms.

Educated youth joining militant ranks in Kashmir is a cause of worry and one needs to heal the deep scars of youth given by the people in power. Otherwise, things will lead to aggression, agitation and movement.

To bring grievance and injustice to the notice of people in power; they have to give these docile people the chance of a fair deal to live with honor and self respect. Similarly, little will be achieved by a debate on the pros and cons of ‘youth aggression’. It will only aggravate the problem and lead to the fragmentation of the state.

The power elite, the government, political parties and people have to delve deeper into the very reasons why such things (protests, aggression so on) have seemingly become necessary and what needs to be done to eliminate this pernicious practice. Whatever, to shake-up, to move, to stir up, to cause anxiety, to change the social order and to disturb the power holders, youth in Kashmir will be on forefront.

A stage that leads youth to take the law into his hands, when there is dissatisfaction and growing confusion with the existing conditions. The state government’s claim of eradicating menace of unemployment is too vague that the youth are desperate to adopt ineffective strategies for pressing their claims or rights.

Official action stage in which the people in power realize the importance of issue, officially acknowledge the discontentment and agree to adopt strategies to solve the issue. Sometimes, the strategy adopted by the group in power is rejected by the youth leaders and the youth start a movement to counter the strategies of people in power.

If weaker sections in Kashmir are to rise in revolt because they feel that only violence facilitates their voice to be heard, the state will have to pay very heavy price for this.

If Leo Trotsky is to be quoted, his saying fits for both youth as well as the power holders, “Life is not an easy matterYou cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before a great idea which raises you above personal misery, above weakness, above all kinds of perfidy and baseness.

By: Umer Wani

Image: Reuters

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