Once a hero of the Indian Cricket Team, Yuvraj Singh is now been looked as the Villain of the game, such is the T20 format. Time for Yuvi to bounce back and shut the critics and fans up..

In the ICC World T20 Final we ripped off one of the greatest limited overs batsman of all time. With every single Yuvraj Singh managed, with every dot ball he encountered in his 21 balls, growls got louder and louder. The annoyance and frustration on the face of Virat Kohli at the non striker end was evident. Such a pity sight it was for Yuvi that even Sangakkara didn’t appeal when the ball passed the rim of the bat.

Yuvraj Singh all of a sudden became Villian No. 1 and T20 zero from T20 hero for Indians while he became a good joke for Sri Lankans and others. No wonder, when Yuvraj Singh was caught at the long off, we even saw a happy Darren Sammy tweeting, “Hmmmmmm not sure the catch should have been taken #wt20 final (sic)”

With Darren Sammy soon everybody started making fun of the once a superstar in the game of T20. And soon after India failed to gather momentum in the middle over and managed only 130/4 in 20 overs the jokes turned into criticism and that too brutal, very brutal. Then,  we heard some of the fans even pelted stones outside the player’s house in Chandigarh. To control the situation, Chandigarh Police had to send a team and later a patrolling jeep was set up outside Yuvi’s home to prevent further trouble. Great human drama, all over India, however it was indeed very vindictive.

In the previous World T20 Final SL Malinga faced a similar fate where he gave 54 runs in just 4 overs against West Indies.  This is the beauty of the T20 format or should I say hard luck of the individual players that here it is easy to identify the culprits of the game.

yuvraj singh Yuvraj Singh   Time to Give the Critics and Fans Back!

In other formats also, effigies are burnt, stones are pelted, and sometimes even there is an entire inquiry commission when a country loses but it is always for a team never for an individual player. This is the reason why we never saw the Indian fans criticizing Zaheer Khan in the 2003 ICC World Final where he gave 67 runs in just 7 overs  as much as we are criticizing Yuvraj Singh today. Even that was a final and we failed at the hands of the Australian team in the finals, majorly due to Zaheer.

Yes, the T20 format is pitiless and very nasty. Here, some players get a chance of redemption where they throw themselves in the game while some like Yuvraj who struggle and back themselves to cover up the dot balls without playing a crazy shot, eventually becomes the Villian No. 1. The reason is plain and simple – Here there is no room for struggle, but only for deliverance.

It was T20 Format that escalated Yuvraj Singh to stardom, fame (Remember his 6 sixes in the 2007 T20 World Final Against England?) and unfortunately it is the same game that drowns him underneath the ground, so much that now only his destructive batting, his hunger to sustain in the team for long and his rediscovery of his magical striking techniques can only come out to his rescue.

Yuvraj Singh has the capacity to fight his vulnerabilities and if he does, he will once again be crowned as a hero. No, wonder cricket fans are like thalli ka baigan – they don’t take time in switching sides.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: IANS
Video Courtesy: CricDaily via Youtube

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