Yuvraj Singh resembled MJ’s moonwalk to counter Shoaib Mallik’s challenge.

The man who is being missed on the field to smash the ball and liven up the stadium is Yuvraj Singh. Although not seen much on the grounds of cricket these days but what he has bestowed the Indian cricket with is perpetual. Well, wouldn’t you love to see his in-motion feet to not score, bowl and field but dance? Yes, dare not to miss out these rapturous 10 seconds of Yuvi’s moon-walk.


Ah! Keep replaying and savouring it guys once you know the story behind it. Well, it all commenced when Sania Mirza was off to Pakistan to relish Eid with her beloved Shoaib Malik and it was then when she posted a dubsmash dance dancing along with the Pakistan team to celebrate its victory against Srilanka. What followed was Yuvi’s sparking comment, “Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik were great athletes but terrible dancers”. Now, who could have stopped this yuvi-originated fire? Immediate retort from Sania was,” motu, show your moves”. The fire was on the verge of extinguishment when Shoaib Mallik tweeted,” come and play in the maidaan”. So, this moonwalk was Yuvraj’s ‘itt ka jawab patthar se’.

shoaib malik sania mirza yuvraj singh Yuvraj Singh’s Footwork Is Not Good Only In cricket, But Dance As Well

It must be known to all that Yuvraj Singh’s dance moves were once pretty much acclaimed by Bollywood choreographer and director FarahKhan. Even the great MJ, don’t-know-where exactly on the planet, must have seen Yuvi dance and wondered on made-for-bowling feet doing moonwalk.

 By Prerna Daga

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