The buddha serial that airs every Sunday endows us with a backdrop of Buddha’s journey, what if the makers try to inspire us by teaching us values via it.

Siddharth in Buddha seeks a lesson from his guru Guruvar Alara Kalam. Impressed by Siddharth’s devotion he makes Siddharth his disciple. He even seems to be observing him and he finds the new disciple dedicated. The guru as expected have grown a special bond with Siddharth, makihng one of the old disciple jealous.

Besides in the serial it is shown that the guru gets to know that the disciple is none other than the kid of raja Suddhodhana who was destined to become sanyasi. He inculcates a strong feeling for him. Although, I appreciate Zee TV showing us things which we were totally unaware of, I’m a bit worried if the research is authentic or not. The reason? Well because as far we all know Buddha’s guru only got to know about his real identity when Bimbisara’s officers recognized him in Magadha where he was asking bhiksha along with various other monks, not all of a sudden siting in the ashram.   In fact, it was his disciples who told him about Siddharth’s real identity and not vice versa. Looks like, a bit of fiction is involved here too like other historical serials MaharanaPratap, Jodha Akbar and Mahabharat.

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Moving ahead in the show, we saw that Siddharth is taught the techniques of meditation but he cannot concentrate much. Isn’t this a common problem with us all? If only the makers could tell us the real solution of how to overcome distraction before meditation perhaps it would have helped us gaining some real information and thereby getting us to know the techniques of meditation. Also, I could see the guru teaching Siddharth prayanam, as we all are well aware that Siddharth learnt yogic meditation from Alara Kalam.

One thing which the makers did show interesting was Siddharth’s natural fondness towards the horse and how he plans to name him Kanthaka but the teacher asks him a simple thing – if he has decided to renounce the world then why does he wants to make fresh bonds? Thought provoking, the line indeed makes us think about several aspects of life and also shows that though Siddharth was dedicated towards his goal, he still wasn’t ready for it.

On the other hand in the palace we see his wife Yashodhra highly disappointed in Siddharth for leaving him. In the entire Buddha gatha though one cannot stop praising Buddha for his sacrifices, the amount of sacrifices that Buddha’s family made especially his wife and son cannot be ignored because they were the ones who actually suffered the most. Just imagine, all of a sudden your husband isn’t besides you after you have delivered your baby boy.

I hope Zee TV’s Buddha will also try to enlighten the other sacrifices as well while taking us to the journey of Gautam, the great Buddha. In addition, I hope the drama teaches us the techniques of Yoga, meyditation, basic values, beliefs and try to fill us with positive thoughts so that our mind is ready to change and tread towards the path of good deeds. Enough of negativity that surrounds on a daily basis7. Let us have some positive inspiration please…….

By: Deepti Verma

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