Lalu Yadav sparkedd off hullabaloo in the media by calling Bihar poll an election between the forward and the backward caste.

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s statements have always tickled our bones and racked up controversies. It is his hard-tried-but-not-so-brainy quotes that rendered him political fame, nay, ill-fame. Besides, his awful governance adds to his fame. And yeah, one more pertinent, mention-worthy feature of Lalu is his ‘Fodder Scam’, the scam that dethroned him from his CM reign.

lalu yadav cartoon Zuban Ko Lagam Do Lalu Ji, Have Center Fresh

Once again, Lalu’s roar broke a thunderstorm in media, again giving them a chance to harp on ‘Lalu’, the controversial speaker. This time, he blatantly flung caste-based remarks, heating up the atmosphere of near-to-poll Bihar. He brazenly blurted out that Bihar poll is between the forward and the backward caste. A few days back while roping in RSS, he challenged it to banish reservation quota saying,” if they had tasted mother’s milk, abolish the reservation quota and he’ll test their strength then”.

Very unwiitingly, he stimulated ‘Yadavs’ to unite and spearhead a movement against the ‘Brahmins’, especially RSS under his leadership. Such foul and casteist remark by Lalu had subjected him under EC scanner. EC would soon clarify and verify the matter and take a suitable action against him.

Well, this is not the first time Lalu was seen passing such offensive and witless comment. His past is actually immersed in the sea of controversies. His comments at times had made us break down into cackles while at times, got on our nerves.

lalu prasad yadav quote Zuban Ko Lagam Do Lalu Ji, Have Center Fresh

lalu prasad yadav Zuban Ko Lagam Do Lalu Ji, Have Center Fresh

Lalu has contributed a significant contribution in turning Indian parliament into circus as well. His recent mimicry on Narendra Modi that went viral was a sheer disrespect to PM Modi.

Lalu Prasad is a barefaced political figure who is kinda termite to Indian politics. Is it the persona a political leader is supposed to maintain? Should such lameheads be allowed to run any party in Bihar? The culture that flows from top to bottom has Lalu in its ‘top’ and ‘Bihar folks’ as its bottom, doesn’t Bihar’s future sound frightening under Lalu’s shadow? I cringe in embarrassment to see such politicians in Indian politics.

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By Prerna Daga

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