Zumba, being a mix of both, dance and workout is one of the best ways to have a great body!

Being fit is a lifestyle and to live up to that lifestyle you need to be innovative with your fitness regime. One of the latest and trending fitness fads is the introduction to Zumba. Zumba, founded by a Colombian dancer is a good mix of Aerobics and dance choreography. Today, worldwide, millions of people are getting fitter, dancing to the tunes of salsa, hip-hop, mambo, tango and many more. Zumba is generally an hour-long session which is rigorous workout and helps lose anywhere from 300- 800 calories.

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If lifting up weights is not your cup of tea, Zumba could be your thing. The music is definitely a stress buster and if you like the music you’re dancing on, the level of energy goes up and the level of energy you put in your dance is directly proportional to the calories you burn. Some of the important things to remember while doing Zumba are:

1. Don’t be self-conscious:

Let your moves do the talking and look at yourself in the mirror like you need to put your heart in it and dance to the fullest.

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2. Shake your booty:

You will hear the words “shake it” a lot of times in the class because that’s what you are supposed to do to burn the stubborn calories.

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3. Maximize your arms and legs movements:

Zumba will help you stretch out your legs and arms and help them get toned at the same time. So maximize your movements while doing Zumba.

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Personally, I don’t like going to the gym. I feel it is one of the most monotonous ways to work out. Zumba, being a mix of both, dance and workout is one of the best ways to have a great body. The Zumba instructors generally customize the choice of music according to the kind of crowd so that they can dance to their favorite tunes while working out.

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The age group spectrum for Zumba is wide from little kids to elderly people. For elderly people, it helps them remain active and improve flexibility and posture, which could help in avoiding various health problems like joint pains and back problems. Also, Zumba helps in overcoming depression and strengthens your heart. 

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Since Fitness is not limited to a certain age group, Kids these days are in dire need of a good fitness schedule to help them have a balanced growth. If your child is not into sports or is inactive in daily life, it is important that you encourage him/her to take up this fun filled dance cum aerobics class. Children worldwide are dancing to numbers like Macarena, the hamster dance and Waka Waka to name a few. Zumba not only helps in increasing agility and strength in kids but also helps them gain self-confidence, which is important to start building at an early age for an enhanced personal growth.

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If you are passionate about your health and fitness, Zumba can be the ingredient, which can keep you motivated and determined to continue working hard on your body because it’s more like a fitness party. So, join the party and start losing calories while shaking your booty to your favorite music.

By: Vidhi Sagar

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