Advantages of Trump’s Immigrant Policy for Technology in India

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Seeing India’s long-standing literacy culture, it’s no wonder that today India is known as a country that produces reliable programmers for technology companies in the United States. Former United States ambassador to India Richard Verma estimates that 70 percent of the 85,000 H-1B visas are issued for Indian workers in 2016. The H-1B visa is a visa that is popular with high-ability foreign workers, especially programmers and the like. By pocketing an H-1B visa, a foreign worker can at least work full-time in the United States for six years. To get the visa, there must be a company that wants to become a sponsor and is willing to hire foreign workers, at least $ 10,000.

Now, there are also some giant technology companies in the United States headed by people of Indian descent. The most famous is Satya Nadella who became CEO of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai CEO of Google. Many talented Indian talents who migrated to the United States were none other because the country’s immigration policy was quite friendly to immigrants. In fact, as Obama once said aloud that “we will always be a nation of immigrants.” But everything has changed since Trump’s policy with the slogan “American’s first”.

Sundar Pichai CEO of GooglIndeed, the prospective nomads of India in the field of technology, do not need to worry about Trump’s executive policies that are discriminatory for immigrants. Reliable programmers are now needed on almost all lines of life. Non-tech companies also need this expertise to handle their services, which are increasingly dependent on the internet. In addition, with difficulty entering the United States for technology workers from India, India will get the best talents that will work for local companies there. They certainly will contribute the best ability to build the world of Indian technology. In addition, The New York Times also calls India “the new China for American internet-based companies.” Many US technology companies will make their base in India. That way, high-skilled workers will stay in India, no need to go far to find work.