Can India Realize Its Ambition To Become A Global Power?

Can India Realize Its Ambition To Become A Global Power

As a country of 1.3 billion people and more than 800 million of them have voting rights in elections, India often bears the title of “the largest democracy in the world. At the age of 70 years, this country is proud of achievements in the economic sector that now occupies seventh and the fourth largest military force in the world, the achievements above are some of the targets of India which were successfully achieved by Narendra Modi’s government.

Pursuing ambition to Become a global power, the Modi government boosted the development of public infrastructure to transportation facilities and changed several regulations that were considered to hinder foreign investment. Now the Indian economy managed to overtake the position – G7 member countries – who were in eighth position. India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached $ 2.08 billion, while Italy amounted to $ 1.8 billion. From the consumption sector, Modi’s economic reforms shifted China as a market for motorbikes and scooters in 2016. India in recent years has become the target market for world producers, ranging from motor vehicles to smart phones. Now India is the third largest market in the world after China and the United States. India’s position as one of the main markets is likely to continue in the future. The latest PricewaterhouseCoopers study predicts that in 2050 India will occupy the second position as the world’s largest market shifting the US to third place.

The concept of power in International Relations is traditionally defined as something that is relational: ability A influences behavior B to get the desired results. In the book Bound to Lead: The Changing Nature of American Power leading scientist Joseph Nye separates three dimensions of power: the influence of utilizing economic incentives, military use and the ability to co-opt others with a soft power approach. India clearly has three elements as capital to become a global power.