Extreme culinary from India, Dare to Try

Extreme culinary from India, Dare to Try

Extreme culinary from India, Dare to Try – Did you know that India is a country that has various kinds of culinary delights. The most famous is curry rice with typical spices from India. Curry rice is also famous for its appetizing taste for us to eat. However, India also has culinary extremes. It’s possible that extreme culinary delights in India can ruin your mood for eating. Let us see what are the extreme culinary delights in India.

The first dish is Doh Khileh. Doh Khileh is a typical Indian food that can be likened to food in general, namely salad. If usually a salad consists of vegetables, in contrast to Doh Khileh, this Indian salad consists of a salad mixed with pork. Then, where is the extreme value? Pork mix is probably acceptable for most people. However, what makes this food into the extreme culinary delights in India is the mixture of steamed pork brains on top. Can you imagine eating a salad that is piled with steamed pork brains?

Next, the extreme culinary in India is Eri Polu. In general, the smell of this food is very unique. Its uniqueness comes from its basic material which is not common in many countries. Eri Polu is made from a basic material which is a silkworm cocoon. From these silkworm cocoons, a unique aroma emerged and made Eri Polu distinctive. To add flavor to this food, Indians usually add Khorisa which are fermented bamboo shoots. Can you imagine?
There is also Chaprah which is an extreme food from India. Have you ever imagined what it feels like if an ant is made into food? In India, red ants are used as the basic ingredient for Chaprah. Not only are the ants eaten, the eggs are also eaten. Well, those who eat this food are the Chhatisgarh tribe who add chili powder to add a spicy taste.

Sa-um Bur, if we compare it to food in general, this food is unique from the cooking process. Sa-um Bur is a food made from fermented lard. To make this food, usually lard is stored in a clay bowl until it turns into lard and the process takes months.

Benefits of Blood Sausage is a sausage made from blood. Just like the extreme Korean cuisine known as Sundae, India has Blood Sausage Benefits. This food is a typical dish of the Khasi tribe in India. The basic ingredients are pork blood mixed with meat and internal organs. which one do you dare to eat?