India, Exotic Destinations on the Asian Continent

India, Exotic Destinations on the Asian Continent

India, Exotic Destoinations on the Asian Continent – India is one of the countries in South Asia. India currently has the largest human population in the world after China and is followed by the United States and Indonesia. India has become a world-famous country from the world of film to the whole world mentioning the term Bolywood for films originating from India. The different storylines and actions that exist in Indian films are shown by India to the world. Then, what about the Indian country. Are you interested in visiting India. Apart from the Taj Mahal, there are still many tourist destinations that you can visit in India. Here we will discuss some of the exotic destinations in India for your consideration when you want to visit this country.

The first and must-visit tourist destination is Bhubaneswar. This tourist destination is an ancient city which has a very interesting historical value. It is highly recommended to choose this location as a resting place for a few days. If you have a travel guide book in this place, you will be invited to tour Lingaraj Mandir. This location is surrounded by temples and shrines that are small in size and were used for the Gods of the Three Universe or commonly known as Tribhuvaneswar. Even though it is open only to Hindus, public tourists can enjoy the scenery around through the existing platform. The kinds of temples that exist can also be interesting and Instagramable photo spots.

Next there is Kolkata which is a historical monument of Victoria. This destination is a large and magnificent building. Its beauty shows architectural works originating from England. Kolkata itself is indeed a heritage building of the British Empire when colonizing India. In addition, this building is also a symbol of religion where this building has a unique blend of structures derived from the form of a cathedral, mosque and palace. Many online travel site such as also recommended to visit the Botanical Gardens and Tagore buildings.

Kochi, is an exotic tourist destination in India that you must visit. Kochi is very unique because it is located in the coastal region of Kerala and is part of the acculturation zone. So, here you can feel various ethnicities here, from Chinese, Portuguese to English. You can feel a foreign aura here. The culture that exists here is very much and interesting to know. There are also museums, churches and others. So, where you will go after this pandemic gone?

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