Rain is responsible for love and lust in Hindi films – and much else besides

Rain is happiness, rain is melancholy, rain is nostalgia – for us rain can mean a break from the heat, an excuse to become a child again! And for Hindi movies, it is an age old device – the rain sequence. Rain is the reason for a couple to get wet and wild. It just happens to be raining when some of the most significant and pivotal scenes in the movie are shot…. What would movies do without the rains! And there is so much that you and I have learned about the rains from Hindi movies:

1.     Love actually

More Hindi movie couples have fallen in love against the backdrop of pounding rain than any other single thing in movies. They take shelter from the storm, their eyes meet through the driving rain, they cuddle under the umbrella… pyar toh hona hi tha!

2.     Muddy slush? What’s that!

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They do strange things in Hindi movies when it rains. Apparently writhing in the rain on cars, in the street, on the road is all quite fine; water, mud, slush apparently does not get into unmentionable crevices and orifices.

3.     Rain water is the ultimate aphrodisiac

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This is a plot device used in numerous Hindi movies – the guy and girl get caught in the storm… bairan andheri toofani raat! The firelight gently burnishes her skin, stokes those fires in the manly chest, and hey presto – Unhonee!

4.     One rainy night + hot young couple = to one illegitimate baby

If the unmentionable pre-marital err… encounter has taken place, can the unplanned pregnancy be far behind?

5.     Rain cannot alter her makeup

mr india rain song 5022464 GIFSoup.com  10 Things Hindi Movies Teach Us about the Rains

The lipstick is bright red, her mascara doesn’t run and her foundation was applied after giving it a good whisk in the cement mixer. Even the bindi has evidently been applied with Fevikwik.

6.     Everyone HAS to take a walk on Marine Drive in the rain

Seriously people, everyone needs to try getting soaking wet with a few thousand other souls soaking in the driving rain, getting battered by some of the extra high waves on Marine Drive.

7.     Bhutta tastes best in the rain

corn cobs 75930 GIFSoup.com  10 Things Hindi Movies Teach Us about the Rains

And roasted chana, peanuts, pakodas…. All taste best in the rain – Clinically proven fact. Nuff Said!

8.    She’s wearing white when it decides to rain

White+plus water = everything suddenly, conveniently becoming obligingly see-thru. As this utterly forgettable song tells us – “jo kaam humse na ho saka, who kaam savan ne kar diya

9.    If it’s raining, the car will break down

hasee toh phasee rain 5022482 GIFSoup.com  10 Things Hindi Movies Teach Us about the Rains

It used to be that the car broke down on some ‘sum-saan raasta’ or even a jungle infested with scary critters, but now it can break down in the middle of the city street and still cause problems, because you know – you get locked in and all.

10.If sasurji/papaji is having a heart attack its bound to be raining outside

Somehow strange camera angles and those dizzying, whirling shots go quite well with the sound of crashing thunder and lightning jagging in the background and the old guy clutching his chest with the agonised look on his face. OK, OK, it’s not raining in this scene… but it could have been! Besides I wanted an excuse to use the worst ever ham scene in a Hindi film- ever!

By – Reena Daruwalla

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