The Grunter, The Rare Sight, the Hot Chick, the Motivator – Meet 10 different types of people you get in every gym!

We all have this streak where we feel the need to work out and stay fit and what not.Though it wears out after some weeks, or hours, but we still spend a lot of time in the gym. Enough time to know that there are really weird people in a gym, let’s look at how some of them are…

types of people gym 10 Types of People in Every Gym

1) The People’s Guy

This person works out less, and socializes more. The sole purpose of him joining the gym is so that he can get to know new people. Stay away from this guy if you’re in the gym to work out.

gym people guy 10 Types of People in Every Gym

2) The Grunter

This person is the person who works out a lot, has a lot of protein and is normal otherwise. Except for when he’s exercising, he feels the need to shout at the top of his voice,for no reason, even while picking up light weights.

noise maker in gym 10 Types of People in Every Gym

3) The Training the Trainer Guy

There’s always a guy who thinks he knows more than everyone. He goes around telling everyone what to do and how to do it. He even tells the TRAINERS what to do.This guy should die,that’s what he should do.

trainer guy gym 10 Types of People in Every Gym

4)The Confused Aunties

Whenever you, wherever you go, you can never escape the confused aunties.There is always at least one aunty working out, and she’ll be the most confused person you’ve ever seen. She won’t know what to do and will just walk around the gym. 

gym aunty 10 Types of People in Every Gym

gym aunties 10 Types of People in Every Gym

5) The Own Body Admirer

This person is his own not so secret admirer.He admires his body more than working on it. He removes his T-shirt, looks into the mirror and falls in love with himself. Everyday. While the whole gym falls out of love with him. 

gym hot boy 10 Types of People in Every Gym

6) The guy who thinks its a pick up place

There’s almost always a guy who took membership in the gym JUST SO THAT he could “Pataofy” a girl, because gyms see a lot of girl population. He’d try his level best to talk to every girl who comes there and tries to get their number and all. Facepalms aren’t enough for this idiocy. 

gym monster 10 Types of People in Every Gym

7) The Overly Dressed Guy

The overly dressed guy doesn’t believe in a normal clothing experience, he needs to wear everything right from track pants to wrist bands to headbands to what not. Stay away from this guy if you don’t wanna feel under dressed for gym. 

gym over dressed 10 Types of People in Every Gym

8) The Not so Much Needed Motivator

This person feels the need to motivate everyone around him and make everyone happy, supposedly. He’ll just randomly go to people who are working out and motivate them to do some time,he’ll shout at them and “motivate” them,who the hell are you?

gym motivator 10 Types of People in Every Gym

9) The Rare Sight

This person is seen once in a month, maybe. You see him/her once, then you don’t see the person for a good few weeks, you even think he/she is dead, but then they show up again, then don’t, for another month, and it goes on.

ram kapoor gym 10 Types of People in Every Gym

10) The Gym Chick

There’s always one girl every guy in the gym is after, and it is when she is around,that every guy believes he can pick up the heaviest weights and whatnot.These girls prove to be better motivators than Gym trainers!!

gym chick 10 Types of People in Every Gym

By: Govind Menon

Image Source: Ram Kapoor, Giphy

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