The fauji or the Indian military man is very distinctive. Here is a ready reckoner for identifying him – even if he is in civvies

As a fauji wife of more than a decade I can safely say that I have come to know this tribe rather well. There are various ways to indentify the military man – whether in uniform or in civvies. There are some peculiarities and identifying factors that the fauji man has made his own; this little list of pointers may help to identify the fauji:

 He is Perfectly Turned Outuniform 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

Whether he is in full ceremonial regalia, battle fatigues,

1 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

evening formals or in a pair of jeans and a tee you can be sure he is perfectly groomed and well turned out.

 He Has That Haircut

crewcut 14 Ways to Indentify the FaujiThat haircut is one of the easiest ways to identify faujis; most have a personal equation with the barber they visit without fail every two weeks.

 He Has a Helmethelmet 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

This signifies not only that he has just emerged from a fortification or restricted area of some sort; it also means that he habitually follows rules and lives his life with discipline.

He is Irresistible in Uniform/Overalls/G-suit/Tunic/Combat Clothes

iaf 14 Ways to Indentify the FaujiWhat can I say? Just look at that picture… you get my drift

 Obviously, So is She

lady officers 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

Doesn’t this  picture speak for itself?

 He Can Dress in the Dark

Naval Academy 13543f 14 Ways to Indentify the FaujiYou may think it a dubious talent, but it was a part of his training that he can emerge from the dark – not a hair out of place, colour coordinated and ready to roll.

He May on Occasion be Heard to Say Something Like “@#$dy Civilians!”

swear word 14 Ways to Indentify the FaujiHe can be pardoned for occasionally lambasting those less than law abiding civilians who don’t quite match up to his exacting standards.

 He Will Call You Ma’am

8 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

I thought it was charming that all officers respectfully called me “ma’am”. It took me a while to realise that it spared them the hassle of remembering names and seniority and other technicalities!

 He Inspires Respect

respect 14 Ways to Indentify the FaujiWhether he says “Defence” at the Toll Plaza or when he meets some other stranger, you can see the deference and respect dawn in the eyes of people. As for the pride he inspires in his family and friends… well I can go on for a while there.

He Always Lets You Precede Him

10 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

Chivalry is not dead yet! You will still find it the Officer and the Gentleman who opens doors for you, waits for you to precede him and offers to carry anything heavier than a bunch of flowers for you.

He Loves His Machine

11 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

Weapon, vehicle, plane, missile or any other equipment that the fauji works with… he will treat it with care and respect. Because you know, he’s a lover and a fighter.

He Respects All Religions

army 14 Ways to Indentify the FaujiI do believe that the Indian military is one of the few genuinely secular organisations in our country where personal religious equations are largely irrelevant.

He’s a Hero!

9 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

Natural disasters or terror attacks, the fauji is always the first in the line of fire; and proud to be so!

He Can Dance or Play the Guitar or Sing or…..

party at the mess 14 Ways to Indentify the FaujiThe fauj not only makes him a soldier, it also ensures that he can throw a wonderful party, manage events with élan and party with the best of them.

14 14 Ways to Indentify the Fauji

... and practice some rather strange party rituals as well – here this guy is being tossed up in the air, presumably after a very stiff shot of something extremely alcoholic.


By – Reena Daruwalla



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