Some may call it a fixation or even addiction but women see shopping as entertainment, fun and a great way to unwind, socialize and rejuvenate. Lets find out some more about this phenomenon.

Shopping is a woman thing!   Women love Shopping, shopping malls and the later too, invites them with open arms!  Shop till you drop seems to be the mantra! a.k.a or shall we say myntra! But have you ever wondered why women are crazy about shopping? It seems they can survive without eating and sleeping , but not without shopping.

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Now, let’s summarize what makes a woman crazy about shopping.

Jealousy or Peer Pressure

You thought only men watch a well dressed attractive woman walk by… Wrong! Even women observe other women! The first thing a woman notices about another woman is her outfit, then her footwear, hair style, watch, make-up, nail paint and anything that is left.  She will scan her from top to bottom. She cannot tolerate other woman looking better than her.  She wants to have better clothes, footwear, watches, purse, clutch and everything.  See, she doesn’t like to shop. She is forced to shop! And thus peer pressure is a principal factor for a woman’s shopaholic tendencies!

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  To Impress Men

We love compliments coming our way – the more the better. And especially when it comes from men! An adorable compliment goes a long way to boost self confidence that often gets questioned in this fast paced life! Hence, this is very common in the workplace. Every woman wants to be the center of attraction. She wants to impress men with her new clothes, footwear, watches and purses. Every day she wants to look different and add newness to her style. She wants to be attired in her finest garments. After all, every beautiful woman has a right to get noticed!

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Shopping Gives Pleasure to Her mind and Soul

Her eyes keep searching for trendy, smart, fashionable things in the market. Even while she is on a non- purchasing mode, she is having a gala time indulging in some window shopping and checking out the latest trends that match her own set parameters of style! She gets a sense of satisfaction and feels up-to-date with the fashion. It doesn’t matter whether she buys something or not, but at least she knows what is in fashion and adds it to her wish list.


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Always Confused About Her Clothing

She is never happy with what she is wearing. She will somehow find out the flaws in her clothes, search her entire closet and still find nothing to wear. She has hundreds of dresses and footwear, still nothing to choose from.  She always wants to be dressed to the nines. Hence , shopping, shopping and more shopping!

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 Shopping Kills time

Shopping is the best way to kill time. She doesn’t necessarily have to buy, window shopping alone will do. She doesn’t even need the company of another person for this. Hence it is an easy way to get rid off week long boredom and indulging in some ‘me time’!

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Sale drives her crazy

Discounts and offers are her favorite words. Boards like – 50% off, Buy one, get one free, clearance sale –  drive her nuts.  Whether she needs it or not, she will buy it. After all, this opportunity will not come again.

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Shopping websites make it easier

And what more, websites like Myntra, Jabong, Yebhi, Fashioinara etc. act as the catalyst to their desire  syndrome by making their job even easier. Now they don’t have to travel to buy their favorite stuff. You want it and you get it! What they need is the goods delivered at their doorstep. A woman may not want to buy something, but definitely there is nothing wrong in doing online research. What if she likes something online! You can’t stop her.

women love shopping online  7 Reasons Why Women Love To Shop

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So Keep shopping and be happy!

 By Sapna Madan


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