Let’s look at how our leaders turn into alchemists time and again

Subject decides the king’s nature and king decides the subject’s fate.

Leadership is one of the most prominent factors in deciding a nation’s destiny.

Indian Politicians Our Alchemists and Leaders

There has always been a debate about which type of leadership is best suited for any type of governance. From divine theory of kingship or leadership to democratic leadership theory, all possess their own benefits. It has only been the need of hour and society which type you justify. As far as style of leadership is concerned we need both autocratic as well as democratic. War-like situation never demands a democratic leadership, it always prefers to be autocratic, on the other hand we need democratic style on our land acquisition. Neither the format is absolute in itself.

Being a student of public administration, what I realized is that leadership is functional and situational and beyond the barrier of caste and religion and all other parting ideology. Democracy gave us an institutionalized leadership which curbs down the chances of being autocratic. Leadership and its emergence have so many pros and cons, the aspect behind its emergence can be ruled out.

Indian Politician Our Alchemists and Leaders

In a country like India where democracy is naive and there is turmoil in the economy, leadership has to play an extra dynamic role. As far as the history of Indian leadership is concerned, this soil has given veterans like Vivekananda and Gandhi a great platform. Their leadership and remarks are followed world-wide even today. But those days have gone  and Gandhi too.

Here leadership simply means PM and CM i.e. political representatives not the ethical ideologist like Gandhi and Vivekananda whose leadership gave real Midas touch. Communicative and interactive leadership is best suited leadership in democracy, but unfortunately we don’t have it and if sometime it happens, it happens  only after five years. Even after five years it proves to be one sided interaction where leader dictate and we the “Subject” pay holly heed towards their cosmic words. Yes we are subject not citizen, for the nation we are citizen and for our leaders we still are subject. Not only we are supposed to be so but we are also self-ordered to be so without questioning.

At every level, our leaders build their own castles in the air with their lucrative and decorative funny words. There is no doubt that after independence we have seen several leaders who viewed India from common Indians eyes. They were really alchemists whose Midas touch lasted forever.

Politicians Rally Our Alchemists and Leaders

But in the meantime some tactful politicians who are well trained in solving caste and communal puzzles created a leadership jungle cum gambling show where everything is fair except losing the game. Neither the caste nor the religion based leadership is an evil, both has its own advantage and is needed for socio-economic development. Therefore the makers of Indian constitution made proper arrangements for it. But these arrangements have been very smartly manipulated for the sake of vote bank and in order of being an alchemist leader whose touch will change the destiny of the common mass as our leaders think of it. Thanks to their development punch-line which sounds like “khul-jaa-sim-sim”.

Not only the existing government who used all its Midas knowledge to come into power but also the ruled out government used all their alchemy mantra to save their chair. Now the Bihar game begins and every priest will utter their mantra with all their puzzling knowledge. Now again its time to control our heartbeats and dream of our own castles…Thanks to all our ALCHEMISTS.

By Diwakar Jha 

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