A Professor has defined madrassa not as a religious school for islam but in much poorer light – a clash between liberals and traditional islamists at AMU?

An Aligarh Muslim University’s Professor Waseem Raja has controversially commented – ‘Madrassas are dens of vice and homosexuality

aligarh muslim university A Clash Of Thinking At Aligarh Muslim University


Professor’s new outline on ‘Madrassa’

Waseem Raja of history department commented on madrassas that they are “dens of vice and homosexuality“. He is alleged to have Whatsapped in a group,”We want removal of madarsa… Where homo sexuality is rampant…Maulanas are part of it”

students at a madrasa A Clash Of Thinking At Aligarh Muslim University


Dis-approvals that arose

The controversial comment reached every ears of AMU to induce clamor in the college.

One of them said: “People like you spoil the name of the university. God has given you reason, so think before speaking.

Another said “You have constitutional rights to express (your views), but don’t defame (madrassas) without verifying facts first. This is prejudice, not logic, and will weaken the community, not strengthen.

Mustafa Zaidi, AMUTA secretary, said the professor should have “calculated” what to say. “Such statements can be misconstrued and can result in anger,” he said, adding, “If he said so in the first place.”

Rashid Shaz, director of AMU Bridge Course that deals with madrassa students, condemned Raja’s views and said, “Students of madrassas are very cultured and have standards of morality. One should show evidence before questioning them en masse.”

Dont Turn AMU Into A Madrasa

Cuss words from Hindus to Muslims and vice-versa would indeed not come as a surprise in a nation like India.  Unfathomable gratitude to all the supernatural almighties of all the existent religions, for this time, the controversy-raiser himself was a Muslim. Had there been any Hindu professor, don’t-know-what scenario would have cropped up by now.

AMU In The Midst Of A Cultural Clash

Perhaps underlying this controversy is that the University is itself in the grip of a cultural clash – between liberal muslim studentss and those that want to enforce traditional Islam including compulsory burqa for women and prayers. Liberals claim that Aligarh Muslim University – a prestigious centrally funded university founded by the esteemed Sir Syed, is being converted to “Aligarh Millat University” (a madrassa) and are opposed to this.

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