Ashok Khemka, Durga Shakti and even CBI are classic example how Congress politics is trying to influence administrative bodies for political benefits

If being Honest is a crime… then all honest people are criminals. By this logic then, our honest Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh is the 1st criminal. ?

Why is Ashok Khemka being hounded, harassed, by Congress Government of Haryana led by Hooda ? What kind of politics are being practiced in India by Congress and its alliance partners?

Durga Shakti Nagpal Ashok Khemkas Crime? Durga Shaktis Crime?  Honesty !!

Durga Shakti Nagpal, Image Source : Facebook @vijaychowk

Some time back, Durga Shakti, another honest IAS officer from UP was suspended and punished By Akhilesh Yadav, the CM of Utter Pradesh for doing her duty honestly as per the rule book and Supreme court directives.? Is that the reward for honesty ? Or is that all about politics? communal, self serving, self centered politics ?

This means, the government officers on duty should not perform their duties honestly ? The honest administrative officers should also become dishonest and corrupt in civil administration, turn their eyes to other side, when the loot is going on ? Keep working as silent spectators in government offices who are suppose to maintain law and order in the state ?.

Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti, the most honest IAS officers are victims of our rotten political system and deep rooted corruption that the political class has been practicing for years. All scams are a result of political corruption.

I wonder, where is Rahul Gandhi who just recently talked about high morals political parties should practice ? Why is he and his Congress party quiet on Ashok Khemka witch hunting by their own Congress government run by Hooda as Chief Minister? Or this does not suit for their high moral ground position because his own Bro-in-law is involved?

Today`s new report is very distressing, disturbing and demoralizing for all upright, honest Administrative officers. All civil administration top officers are given a message by Congress government directly and indirectly, fall-in-Line or you will be in trouble like Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti for doing your job honestly. This is a clear message this corrupt political class is giving and Congress led Government led by Dr Manmohan Singh is conveying.

Just imagine, this Congress government at the center has done the same with CBI, IB, CAG, Police and other investigating agencies. They can not work independently because political interference is at all levels. Congress has weakened these institutions and they even have tried to overrule Supreme Court judgements by bringing in Ordinance to protect criminal politicians like Laloo yadav and Rasheed Massod who looted taxpayers money for years. Congress is systematically, in a well planed manner weakening Democracy, and that is the most serious damage inflicted to our Democracy.

Ashok Khemka, Durga Shakti and even CBI are classic example how Congress politics is trying to influence administrative bodies for political benefits and this policy practiced by Corrupt congress has resulted into 2G scam, CWG scam, Augusta WestLand scam, Adarsha scam, Coal scam, Rail scam, Food and oil scam, Air India scam, This country is looted in day light under Dr Manmohan Singh`s government who keeps claiming his honesty is unquestionable.

Is there any truth in that claim anymore when media has been exposing Congress?

Ashok Khemka is a victim of corruption. Durga Shakti is a victim of communal politics. And Congress, SP are answerable to this nation … is being Honest a Crime?

Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti say… if it is a crime, we will commit it again and again on the job, for our country.

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