Know Why the Fictional Khorasan in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial Is neither Illogical nor a Writer’s Blunder. Also check Khurasan’s background & religion

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, the latest Historical drama on TV has bowled the audience in its very first week. The concept, the plot, the dialogues, everything is keeping the viewers glued to Colors TV from Monday to Friday in its prime time.

Ashoka Samrat set ashok banker Ashoka On Colors : Know Why Khorasan Is Not a Blunder!

No wonder, I’m addicted to this historical series – Thanks to the brilliant VFX, The outstanding sound effects, and the top-notch background score, which obviously has no comparison with other historical/mythological drama that is running on TV. Yes, not even Contiloe’s another home production – Maharana Pratap.

However, many of the people seem to be bewildered with some of the fictional elements especially with the Khorasan (Khurasan) Family

The Most Prominent Point of Discussion is – How Come an Islamic Character Lives in an Era when Islam Was Not Even Born

Well, to start with, all the three characters, Mir Khorasan, Noor Khorasan and her son are highly fictional. Secondly, the choice of the names ‘Mir Khurasan’ and ‘Noor Khurasan’ is something that is bothering the viewers. The reason? Well, “Mir” and “Noor” are Islamic names and Islam didn’t even exist back in the Mauryan times.

noor khorasan mir khurasan ashoka colors Ashoka On Colors : Know Why Khorasan Is Not a Blunder!

Ok Agreed! But, before Concluding anything, Let me Dig into the Past, (Yes, before Islam was even born) And Highlight Few Things –

The name “Khorasan” is related to a place called “Khorasan” which existed well before Islam came and converted the entire area. It was situated in the north east of Persia (now Iran). The main religion of this region was Zoroastrianism, but with them lived the followers of Saura Hinduism and also the people who followed Buddhism.

The History of Khorasan

The place Khorasan is not related to Islam, since the history of the area dates back to the 6th Century BCE where it was a part of the Achaemenid Empire. Now, Achaemenid Empire founded by Cyrus the Great (as we all know) followed Zoroastrianism and not Islam.

cyrus the great by pedrum  Ashoka On Colors : Know Why Khorasan Is Not a Blunder!

In addition, let me tell you, Khurasan Empire was also a part of the Parthian Empire which ruled Persia in the 1st century bce. Moreover, this historic region was even an integral part of the Sasanian Empire – the last Zoroastrian Empire before the rise of Islam. All these facts, clearly states that the Khorasan mentioned in the serial are not Muslims as misunderstood by the Indian TV Audience.

So, What is the Background of the Khurasan Family in the Ashoka Serial?

Well, as mentioned above the Khurasan family can either be Zoroastrians or people of Saura Hinduism since the area ‘Khorasan’ had a population of both (though Saura might be in minority). I have ruled out Buddhist here for obvious reasons. Well, why would a Buddhist ever join an army or become a Senapati of the most powerful ruler of his time?

mir khorasan chakravartin ashoka samrat Ashoka On Colors : Know Why Khorasan Is Not a Blunder!

Wondering Who were the Saura(s)?

Well these people followed Saura Hinduism. Yes, just like the Vaishnavism And Shaivism, where the followers worshipped Vishnu and Shiva respectively, these people worshipped the Sun God. Today, although the sect might not be common in India, Indian Hindu families like the people of the Saura sect do chant Gayathri Mantra, a prayer offered to the sun.

sun god ancient india khorasan ashoka history Ashoka On Colors : Know Why Khorasan Is Not a Blunder!

Though I’m not sure why the Writer decided to choose the Initial as “Noor” and “Mir”, I’m sure that the Khurasan he is addressing is of the Persian era that existed during the Mauryan times unlike the Islamic connection that majority of us are associating the “Khurasans” with.

Perhaps this is the Excellency of a prominent Historical fictional writer – He knows how to keep up the interest of his audience!

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