Star Plus Mahabharat shows Bheem meets Hanuman while he is doing some tapasya. Read here to know the real meeting

Mahabharat Vs. Star Plus Mahabharata

The story of how once during the 12 year exile Bheem met his brother Pawan Putra Hanuman, is quite famous. However, the new Mahabharat yet again has different tale to tell. Blinded with the love for Pandavas, the writer of the mythological drama rather chose Bheem’s obsession with food than his growing arrogance. Thereby giving us an altogether different story of their rendezvous.

How Bheem Came Across Hanuman in Mythological Mahabharat

Once during the vanvas, a breeze brought a pleasant fragrance of flowers in the direction of Pandavas and their wife Draupadi. Draupadi loved the scent so much that she wanted Bheem to go and bring the flowers.

draupadi bheem When Bheem Met Hanuman in Mahabharat

Although, Draupadi requested Bheem to bring the flowers, Bheem said he had no time to run behind the fragrance of flowers in a forest. Draupadi was saddened. Seeing Draupadi sad, Bheem, the very next morning goes in search of those flowers following the fragrance.

Here in the forest he makes his own path. It is said that while walking, he made such huge noises that even the wild beast were scared of the noise. No wonder, he reaches the place where he finds these flowers. But, he sees an old monkey sleeping in his way.

Stopped By A Monkey

“Hey you old monkey get up from my way. I’m a great warrior and with the help of my mace I can kill anybody that comes in my way.”

Looking at him the old monkey says, “Being an old monkey I really do not have strength so why don’t you just move my tail and walk ahead”

No Ordinary Monkey

And then Bheem tried all his might but he could not lift the old monkey’s tail while the monkey smiled all the time. Bheem then realized the monkey was no ordinary monkey. The monkey then takes his real avtar of Hanuman and Bheem realizes how stupid his act was. Lord Hanuman tells him being his brother he had come to meet him and also it was time to teach Bheem a healthy lesson for his growing arrogance.

Bheem is happy to see Hanuman and he requests him to fight with them against Kauravas to which Hanuman replies though he cannot fight in a war alongside in this war, his blessing will always be with him. This is all about how Bheem meets his brother Hanuman in his exile.Now, let’s focus on Star Plus story.

How Bheem Meets Hanuman in Star Plus Mahabharat

Bheem Mahabharat Hanuman When Bheem Met Hanuman in Mahabharat

Bheem is doing some tapaysa and he is offering laddoos to the God. However, to his surprise he sees the laddoos missing. First, from what he has offered to the lord and next, with whatever he had kept for himself. He realizes it is a mischief of some monkey. He chases the monkey but the monkey jumps on a tree. Bheem now tries to pull the tail but he cannot. Even his mace is of no use and it breaks while he tries to lift the tail through his mace. This is when the monkey takes Hanuman avatar.

The Problem of New Mahabharat

The New Mahabharat Has Changed Each And Every Sequence Of The Original Mahabharat

By: Deepti Verma

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