Our very own India stands divided since the JNU row has buzzed across the media. It seems that the threat to country is not of terrorist but its own folks.

Like every Indian (or rather majority of the Indians), I was enraged when I heard the slogan in JNU: “Go India… Go back… Kashmir ki Azadi tak… Jung Rahegi… Jung Rahegi…Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak… Jung Rahegi… Jung Rahegi. And like every Indian (or majority of the Indians), I too thought that we all will unite against the handfuls of anti-nationals and soon they will be caught by the police, rusticated by the college and put behind bars. But I was totally shocked to find that these anti-nationals have their sympathizers too, that too in India and not in Pakistan or among Taliban.  The congress and the communists and the AAP came together in their support. And when the sedition charges were leveled against them and one of the members were arrested, the left liberal cried – Rising Intolerance. Freedom of expression is under threat in the regime of Hindu Modi. This strategy has been very successfully used by the left liberals since Modi came to power. 


After 9/11 there has been no terror attack in USA but in India there is no end to terrorists attack or Maoists attack. Why? Because in USA there is no direct or indirect support to terrorists or anti – nationals but the same cannot be said in India. Remember, when 76 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans were killed by Maoists in Dantewada then there were celebrations in JNU. And when in 1962 China attacked India then one of the communist parties in India took the side of China.

Maoists Call For ‘Bharat Ki Barbadi’ At India’s JNU?

The left liberals have mastered the art of shielding themselves against all the scrutiny. No one can dare to question them.  And if anyone tries then they are immediately labelled as fascists or Hindu nationalists. The video clippings of JNU unequivocally prove that the students were not just raising anti-India slogans but they were in fact threating that they will not rest till India is destroyed. But according to left liberals the students have a right to espouse such ideas and no actions should be taken against them.

In fact soon a morphed video was widely circulated which claimed that ABVP members were shouting anti-India slogans. However, Delhi police Chief, BS Bassi, has categorically said that ABVP members were not involved in anti-India sloganeering, the video is fake. But when have the secular liberals cared for the facts, it is they who decide what is right and what is wrong. For e.g. for them, Ishrat Jahan was an innocent girl. Although Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India gave the evidence that she is a terrorists, Lashkar e Taiba’s website accepted that she is their operative and David Coleman Headley too told the court that she was a member of the terror outfit. But still she is an innocent girl according to them. When the entire world accepted that the 26/11 attack on Mumbai was carried out by Pakistani terrorists then our secular brigade wrote a book – RSS ka shadayantra, 26/11″.  The book claims that RSS had planned attack on Mumbai, and the book launch function was attended by our dear Digvijay Singh.

ishrat jahan Call For ‘Bharat Ki Barbadi’ At India’s JNU?

It is not just the terrorists and Maoists who are dangerous for the sovereignty of India but it is also their ideological mentors who propagate anti-India sentiments. And they need to be exposed and apprehended. It is widely known that in the garb of freedom of expression, anti-India and also anti-Hindu activities are carried out in JNU but it never used to come in public domain because their powerful sympathizers in the media never allowed this to happen. But today thanks to the social media, the common man does not have to depend only on mainstream media to know the truth.  After the anti-India videos were circulated on social media, millions of patriotic Indians came to know about the nefarious activities which are being carried out by some JNU students. And the mood of the nation is that strong action should be taken against the anti – nationals.

JNU Anti Inida slogans Call For ‘Bharat Ki Barbadi’ At India’s JNU?

If Kamlesh Tiwari can be behind bars for using derogatory remark against Prophet Mohammed then why not those who are shouting anti-India slogans and calling for India’s “Barbadi” and disintegration be behind bars?

By Purushottam Kumar

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