Stunning, magnificent, ancient, unique – Check out 14 churches in India that are a must visit for every traveler

St. Aloysius Chapel, Mangalore – For Its Stunning Paintings

Built in 1885, St. Aloysius Chapel of Mangalore matches the world’s most renowned Sistine Chapel at Rome. The chapel posses some stunning paintings on the ceiling, along with oil canvas paintings and fresco paintings which depicts various scenes from the Bible. The ceilings has portraits of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Crowing of the Cock and many other saints.

st aloysius chapel hdr churches india 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa ~ For the Once in a Decade Expedition of St. Francis Xavier Relics

 Thousands of Catholic pilgrims are descending on the Indian coastal state of Goa now to witness the once-a-decade exposition of the relics of a 16th century Spanish missionary. Devotees from around the world are forming a queue  to venerate the relics of St Francis Xavier, which are on display until 4 January in the former Portuguese colony. (Source) The foundation stone of this remarkably large church was laid on 24 November 1594. This magnificent edifice stands as a superb example of Baroque architecture in Goa. The church is called “Bom Jesus” meaning ‘good Jesus’ or ‘infant Jesus’ to whom it is dedicated. The façade has on it, at the top, the letters, “HIS” which are the first three letters of Jesus in Greek. (Source)

st francis xavier relics goa india churches 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Rosary Church, Shetihalli, Hassan ~ Submerged in Water

Rosary Church in Shetihalli was built by French Missionaries in 1860 near the banks of river Hemvathy. The church was constructed with mortar, bricks and a mixture of eggs and jaggery. However, roughly a century later, i.e. in 1960, Gorur dam was built, after which every monsoon whenever the water level rises, the church is found submerged in the water. At times, only the spire is seen.

shettihalli church churches india rosary 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

St. Anne Church, Talaulim, Goa ~ Most Ostentatious with Excellent Architecture 

It is notable to mention that the Church of St Anne follows the Indian architecture amalgamated with Western propensities to adopt the 5×5 scheme appropriate the Indian way to a grand temple but modifies the proportions of the pilasters according to the native flavour, forsaking the European fixedness, while molding the shafts in consonance to the rural needs. The Church of St Anne at Talaulim can be termed as the master-piece of the Indian Baroque style. It is poignant to note that this admirable church is in a fairly derelict state at the present time. (Source) The church was included in the ‘World Monuments Watch 2000 List of 100 Most Endangered Sites’ by the New York based WMF.

st.anne church goa 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Our Lady of Dolours Church, Trichur Basilia ~ Largest Church in India

Third tallest church in Asia and largest church in India, Our Lady of Dolours is well-known for its Gothic style of architecture. Its magnificent interior decorations include fine spicemens of scenes from the scriptures, speimens of murals and images of saints.

Basilca of our lady of Dolours trichur india 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

The Se Cathedral Church, Goa ~ For its Portuguese Architecture Style

The architecture style of the Se Cathedral is Portuguese-Manueline. The interior is Corinthian whereas exterior is Tuscan. The church is 250 feet (76 m) in length and 181 feet (55 m) in breadth. The frontispiece stands 115 feet (35 m) high. It is one of the largest church in Asia.

se cathedral church goa 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Basilica of the Holy Rosary Church (Bandel Church), Hoogly ~Prominent Historical Church 

Established around 1660, Bandel Church is one of the oldest churches in West Bengal.  The existence of Bandel Church has got a Portuguese connection. A church was built on the banks of Hooghly almost a century after Vasco da Gama reached this state. Considered to be built by Gomez de Soto, it has the key stone of the old church bearing year 1559 over the gate of the monastery. There are three altars, several tomb stones and a small organ in the church. It is one of the popular historical churches in West Bengal and is an ideal place for relaxation and prayer. (Source)

bandel church hooghly west bengal 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Christ Church, Shimla ~ Built in Neo-Gothic Style 

Second oldest church in North India, Christ Church in Shimla is positioned on the ridge where it stands out as one of the most prominent landmarks of Shimla. Even though the church is old, it is well maintained, making it an enduring legacy of the British Raj. The prayers are conducted in both, Hindi and English. In addition, the silhouette of this old church is visible from every nook and corner of the Shimla city.

christ church shimla 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Medak Cathedral, Telangana ~ Largest Diocese in Asia and Second in World after the Vatican

The cathedral is 200 ft (61 m) long, 100 ft (30 m) wide and conforms to the Gothic Revival style. The mosaic tiles were imported from Britain and are of six different colours. Italian masons were engaged for laying the decorative flooring. Massive pillars built with fine-hewn and well dressed grey stone support the gallery and the whole edifice. The roof of the church is made sound-proof by means of hollow sponge material, and has an impressive style of vaulting. The surface of the vaulting has the shape of squares. The bell-tower is 175 ft (53 m) high. (Source)

medak cathedral church india 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Moravian Church, Leh ~ Highest Church

Situated at the height of more than 11000 feet, Moravian Church in Leh is one among the highest churches of India.

moravian church 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

St. George’s Syro -Malabar Catholic Forane Church, Kochi ~ Oldest Roman Catholic Churches in Kerala

Quite popular among the non-Christians, St. George’s Syro -Malabar Catholic Forane Church or Edapally Forane Church was a small structure at the time of its construction in 594 AD. In 1080 AD, a bigger church was built adjacent to the old one to accommodate the congregation that had grown greatly in number. The church has undergone many renovations since the time of its construction. The picture of the Virgin surrounded by sculptures and angels was integrated with the altar during one such renovation. On the wall behind the altar, there is a painting of Heaven. A statue of St. George mounted on his horse, spearing the dragon, is also seen here. (Source)

kochi churches india 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Velankanni Church, Nagapattinam ~ Blessed By the Pope

Vailankanni is one of the most visited pilgrim centres in India. It is a town situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal. This renowned shrine Basilica of our Lady of health draws pilgrims from all over the world. Not only Christians but also the people of other faiths come to this Church to pray at the shrine of “Our lady of health”.Knowing the importance of this town the Pope in the Vatican city has declared Vailankanni as a “Holy city”. This Roman Catholic Church has an extended Basilica, which has two floors where one can find the statue of Jesus Christ. The Gothic style of architecture is a unique feature of the Church. The church itself is an imposing building with inspiring architecture. (Source)

velankanni church tamil nadu 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

St. Thomas Church, Guruvayoor

St. Thomas Church located at Palayur is a famous ancient church of Guruvayur. The church is the oldest (Romo-Syrian) Church in India and is called an Apostolic Church dedicated to St. Thomas. The church depicts the life of St. Thomas and is famous for its architectural work. 14 granite statues reflecting various stages of St. Thomas life are installed at the entrance of the church. (Source)

kerala photos palayoor st thomas cathedral church tourism churches thrissur 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

Calvary Temple Church, Hyderabad

This temple church of Hyderabad in India claims that it was built in 52 days. Starting from November 11, 2012, it was ready by January 1, 2013.

calvary temple church hyderabad india 14 Most Astonishing Churches in India

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