Here is why this Bollywood classic is still running in a Mumbai theatre for a 1000 weeks!!

The Perfect Romance

A 1000 weeks and the romance ever effervescent! King Khan and now lady Devgan’s romantic saga, is by far the longest running film in the HISTORY of bollywood!

Here’s why Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is unarguably the best love story created by Bollywood!  


1. The Boy Next Door: Raj

shahrukhan ddlj 300x296 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!


Good girls love bad boys! No one has been able to figure this one out yet! But DDLJ’s Raj, Shah Rukh Khan’s character, had all the essential ingredients girls love! Rich brat, yet good at heart, “awaara”, crazy and fun loving!  In fact his character was named after Raj Kapoor; and he was portrayed as a ladies’ man! When lo and behold, he falls head over heels in love with Simran.  


2. The Desi Parivaar


tumblr inline n6pw9b6NtH1s6vuih DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!     Pooja ruparel simran sister1 300x229 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!

Simran’s over possessive and protective dad; and her ever adjusting and sacrificing mum; form the perfect cocktail of the typical Indian family!

Plus, we all love the masala that comes with love marriages! The guy does everything to convince the girl’s ever strict and disciplined father, whereas the girl’s mom easily agrees. She wants her daughter to live freely, without making sacrifices.


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.mkv 010744749 300x135 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!


And finally what we just love to watch, is the guy winning the girl from her dad! 


3. The logics of “love”

When we’re in love, our heart speaks louder than our minds! Of course logic goes down the drain. DDLJ has captured these emotions and gorgeously portrayed them on screen! These scenes are so realistic and simple, it makes our heart beat again!

tumblr m8p8bqZ4m81rrczplo1 500 300x120 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!

The song, “ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyaar”, adds charm to the feeling of realisation that you’re in love! 


4. Karvachauth! 

Believe it or not, this tradition is by far the most popular traditions in India! The entire feeling of a devoted wife fasting (for an entire day!) for her husband, completely in love, just embraces the ‘crazy about love’ fans. 


21karvachauth5 300x184 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!  f4ec2977 bf64 416b 8204 fb61c5dd717cHiRes 300x274 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!


5. Stirring all the emotions at one time!!


b5ab67aeb 1 300x228 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!



maxresdefault DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!



11anupam ddlj21 300x222 DDLJ: Fall in love all over again!  

DDLJ, pierces straight through your heart; it has all the essential ingredients that are a must in a blockbuster!

This movie has been running at the maratha mandir theatre ever since it’s release for more than a 1000 weeks now! 


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