Meet the Divas who are defining and taking Indian decor to very fashionable heights!

The Indian market for home décor is booming. And why not, we are the largest exporters of home furnishing goods to the US. From fabrics to interiors, Indian divas are not cheating fashion with furniture, but are innovatively fusing the two. Some are yummy mummies, some single charismatic women, who have launched ambitious projects in this field. Here are some trendylicious projects in the world of interior design.

1. Contemporary Yet Comfortable: Simone Arora

Simone proudly states her mum, Zarine Khan (ex model turned interior designer) as her inspiration for her venture.  Simone is none other than Sanjay Khan’s daughter, sibling to Bollywood hottie Zayed Khan, Sussane Khan and exquisite jewellery designer Farah Khan.

simone arora suzzane kham Divas of Indian Decor

Amore, her personal “labor of love” as she claims, is her six storey home in Mumbai. Being her pilot project, she took some help from the best interior designer known to her, Zarine Khan (her mum!), and built her dream mansion, that couldn’t help but catch the attention of many in the city. Much inspired by European styling, the house is a complete view of gorgeous white. Every décor item in the house has been bought from 78 European brands.

decor simone arora Divas of Indian Decor

golden palms 5 ed Divas of Indian Decor

interior design Divas of Indian Decor

She began her project ‘Décor’, along with her hubby, solely dedicated to creating upholstery fabrics. Soon when she decided to venture into interior designing, hubby Ajay Arora (MD D‘Décor), flew out a team of Norwegian photographers and stylists to South Africa, to shoot photographs which were to be used for client presentations!

simone arora designet indian decor Divas of Indian Decor

The Design Cell: Gauri Khan 

Gauri Khan’s new found passion after a very long time, as she claims, is tucked in one corner of South Mumbai in Worli. Being the queen of King Khan himself, an obvious assumption would be that her store contains items only for the elite! To your relief, It’s not true at all!

gauri kham decor mumbai Divas of Indian Decor


The Design Cell, is a concept store, that houses not only furniture, but also accessories, lighting ideas. It’s a mélange of all the things Gauri has picked up during her travels, from all over the world.

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10366318 715796335125279 8865225485525662017 n Divas of Indian Decor

Not only does this talented diva, produce films, but now, she has collaborated with a prestigious firm The First Ferry (a design and architecture firm at Dubai), and will be a part of many projects.

The Charcoal Project: Sussanne Khan

There are some divas that don’t want to keep their feet on the ground! The Charcoal Project is an exquisite store, one of it’s kind, located in the suburbs, Andheri, in Mumbai. It, would be frivolous, to define it, but Sussanne Khan makes sure that one point is put across clearly, her project is a luxurious high end one.

interior design charcoal project Divas of Indian Decor

suzzane khan designs Divas of Indian Decor

The store is an ensemble of the best Indian and Global designers trying their hand at interiors. The store possesses fine products ranging from French antique furniture, to limited edition photo art pieces. Pieces designed by Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla, and Andrew Martin are like cherries on the icing!

interior designs Divas of Indian Decor

Well, the glamour at the Charcoal Project does not end here! Sussanne’s fast friend Gauri khan has designed some of the furniture at the store as well. Sussanne arranged a glitzy launch for Gauri’s collection, and Vogue printed a specific edition dedicated to it!

 Casa Paradox: Raseel Gujral

I’m not sure of Mumbai, but Delhi is a devout admirer of Raseel Gujral’s designs. Daughter of Satish Gujral, the prominent architect, sculptor, painter, graphic designer, writer, who won the Padma Vibhushan (1999), evidently talent flows through her veins!

Satish Gujral Divas of Indian Decor

About her collection, just like luxury is The Charcoal Project’s zone, glamour is to The Casa Paradox. The designs are a mix of tradition and contemporary, discernably  glamourous.

Pc0550700 Divas of Indian Decor

raseel02 Divas of Indian Decor

Her collection includes almost everything, vases, chandeliers, sofas and cushions. Though most of the desirable collection is very heavily priced, yet her designs are so out of the box, they could turn home into haven! Her new project, a range of stores known as Casa Pop, is a baby of her flagship peoject Casa Paradox.  Colorful and vibrant, it focuses mainly on the urban young population today.

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 The White Window: Twinkle Khanna

A very few people know, that Twinkle’s sassy store in Bandra, Mumbai, houses a collection of luxury resort wear apart from home décor.

329964 twinkle khanna was snapped at the white window Divas of Indian Decor

About 3 years into the interior designing industry, Twinkle opened her store in collaboration with Gurleen Manchanda, a professional interior designer. Today, Twinkle has been into this business for more than ten years.

twinkle khanna 1 Divas of Indian Decor

The store, houses an array of trendy home décor, designed by Twinkle and Gurlein including sofa sets, beds, tables, trays, curtains etc to paintings by Anjolie Ela Menon and Yusuf Arrakal.

The exquisite list doesn’t end here,; there is glassware by Manna Glass, beer glasses, champagne flutes and exquisite vases from Ritzenhoff, Michael Aram’s designer metalware and candles from Dimple Kapadia’s collection, The Faraway Tree.


By: Medha Mukherjee





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