Know some of the lesser known facts and interesting things about Arnab Goswami. Do not miss Arnab’s exclusive rare photographs sans his tie and  suit…

Arnab Goswami – The man who is loathed as much as he is loved, but never ignored!!! Here we bring you certain interesting as well as lesser known facts about the popular TV Anchor which the Nation wants to know:

arnab goswami rare photographs Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

He started his career as a journalist with ‘The Telegraph and not as an Anchor with NDTV

We all our aware that Arnab started his career in 1995 with NDTV 24X7 in TV News Broadcast and three years later joined NDTV’s core team as a news editor. However, not many know the fact that Arnab before joining NDTV began his career as a journalist with ‘The Telegraph’ in Calcutta. It was his shortest career stint, less than a year. From there he shifted to Delhi and joined NDTV.

arnab goswami lesser known facts times now Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

He Is An Oxford Alumnus

Arnab posses a BA (Hons.) Sociology degree from Hindu College, Delhi University. In the year 1994, he completed his Masters in Social Anthropology from St. Antony’s College, Oxford University where he was a Felix Scholar. In 2000, Arnab was a Visiting D C Pavate Fellow at the International Studies Department at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University.

Arnab Goswami rare pics Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

Author Arnab

In 2002, Arnab authored his first book, “Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge.” The book explores all the difficulties in framing laws against terrorists and terrorism. Set against the backdrop of September 11 attacks, Arnab’s maiden book examines the important question – Whether terrorism can really have a legal solution? In addition, the book also offers the reader a comparison of India’s own anti-terrorism laws with those in the West, specifically the United Kingdom.

arnab goswami book Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

His Paternal Grandfather was a Congress Leader, Maternal Grandfather a Communist

 His paternal grandfather, Rajani Kanta Goswami, was a lawyer, a Congress leader and an independence activist. However, his maternal grandfather Gauri Sankar Bhattacharya, an intelluctual was a communist and leader of opposition for many years in Assam. Arnab describes him as Guwahati’s most celebrated jurist. Arnab’s memories of Guwahati are inextricably linked with his maternal grandfather, and his rugged and austere approach to life.

arnab goswami as a kid granfather guwahati Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

Arnab’s Father Manoranjan Goswami belongs to BJP

Arnab Goswami’s father Col. (Retd.) Manoranjan Goswami contested as a BJP candidate in the Indian general election,from Guwahati. Although he got 157309 votes, he lost to Congress candidate Bhubaneswar Kalita who received 285482 votes. He might not be active now in Politics as his facebook pages only talks about the books he writes. He recently released his short story collection titled Deserted Bouquet which has been translated from Assamese into English by Suprabha Goswami, his wife. Spot Thought is his another book which is a collection of his articles.

colonel manoranjan goswami arnab goswami bjp facts1 Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

Arnab’s First Ever TV Interview was with Sonia Gandhi

Arnab is well recognized in the media for bringing the otherwise reticent Sonia Gandhi for an interview on TV.

arnab goswami sonia gandhi Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

Shri Bhupen Hazarika is his Role Model

A legend in Assam and an icon in Calcutta, Shri Bhupen Hazarika, the great musician became Arnab’s  role model for the multicultural identity that he too wanted. When in Calcutta, he often went to the beautiful small flat of Bhupen Hazarika on Golf Club Road, just to experience a thrill of the singer’s deep-throated voice, which Arnab considers the voice of his native land. 

bhupen hazarika arnab goswami Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

He Posed For the Cover of Good Times, North-East

Arnab Goswami was on the cover of the second issue (September 2012) of Good Times, an all-new lifestyle magazine from  the Northeast covering the varied aspects of the region. A monthly magazine, it is edited by Guwahati-based media person Koushik Hazarika.

Arnab Goswami on Good times September 2012 Cover  Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

Arnab’s Dream

Arnab in an interview with Good Times mentioned that, “I do dream that at sometime in the future, our country will have a channel like BBC or CNN which is going to be broadcast to the world and if such an opportunity arises, I would certainly like to play a role in it.” (Source)

Jon Sopel Arnab Goswami Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

Jon Sopel Anchor BBC Global News with Arnab Goswami

arnab goswami dream times now rare images Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

He was Ranked 46th in India Today’s High and Mighty Power List ahead of Arvind Kejriwal

Being the middle class voice, and articulating what the angry middle class Indian feels about corruption, mis-governance and terror, he was chosen as 46th powerful person in India Today’s list of 2012. No wonder, he hosts his show five nights a week in Newshour, one of most watched shows on English news channels. In addition, due to the fact that – He is loved as much as he is loathed, but never ignored. He also received the Ramnath Goenka Award for Journalist of the Year in 2010(Source: IndiaToday)

arnab goswami ramnath goenka award Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

He is not Assamese but a Bengali with roots in Assam

Some people think he is Bengali, some think he is Assamese. Fact is, he is Bengali who has roots in Assam.

arnab goswami mrs arnab goswami Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami With Mrs. Arnab Goswami

arnab goswami cool pic Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

And lastly,

Yes, Arnab Goswami can be a cheerful Listener as well…

a smiling arnab goswami Interesting Facts About Arnab Goswami

By: Deepti Verma

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