Know lesser know and interesting Facts about Mahika Sharma the Miss Teen Northeast!

The gorgeous and very charming Mahika Sharma is a famous name now. Thanks to the beauty pageant Miss Teen Northeast and Bhojpuri, Marwari films which made her a known name.

Though famous for her acting stint in Assamese, Marwari and Bhojpuri movies, this model turned actor has also got a Bollywood film Dulhaniya chali Dilwale ke sath with Actor Farhan Khan.

mahika sharma 10 Interesting Facts about Mahika Sharma   Miss Teen Northeast!

Interestingly, the actress is continuously being applauded for her gorgeous looks and performances. Here we share interesting facts about the beauty that you would be interested to know about:

1. Mahika is a pure vegetarian and an animal lover.

Well, the beauty is concerned about the well-being of animals.

2. Mahika Sharma Runs an NGO

Not many people know but the pretty actress has setup NGOs for poor girls and women. Her NGO helps them with the basic education. She started doing social work when she was merely 17 years old.

mahika sharma model 10 Interesting Facts about Mahika Sharma   Miss Teen Northeast!

3. Ice-Cream Is Her Weakness

The talented actress has a weakness for chocolates and ice-creams. Besides, Flowers are enough to impress and bring a smile on her face.

4. She Loves Spending Quality Time With Her Mother

When at home, Mahika loves to cuddle in her blanket with tea and spend some quality time with her mother.

5. The model is in love with dark shades.

mahika sharma northeast 10 Interesting Facts about Mahika Sharma   Miss Teen Northeast!

6. Mahika Prefers Twitter Over Facebook

Mahika is extremely active on the microblogging site twitter. She got 15k followers in just 12 hours. However, she isn’t on Facebook and doesn’t prefer the platform. This is what she said when she joined Twitter.

“As I was not using any social sites I ended up joining Twitter but yet to tweet something. But Yes I am already blessed with my fans following and I do pray for them to live healthy and wealthy life and I am really thankful to them”

7. She Is a Stylist

Yes, while actors usually follow trends and styles that are in vogue, the super charming Mahika believes in her own sense of fashion.

mahika sharma actress 10 Interesting Facts about Mahika Sharma   Miss Teen Northeast!

8. Mahika is a loyal user of ayurvedic and homemade products.

Yes, cosmetics is a strict no no for her when it comes to preference. Interestingly, she is also not bothered about critics view on her looks. Here’s what she said in an interview –

“There should not be too much pressure on us to look good everytime, behaving good works. Even to indicate the faults of your looks now and then it is wrong. Even after facing negative feedback around, still not bothered by what people think about my looks. I believe my parents look great so I am. You have to take a stand for that nor change yourself. I am comfortable with it myself to know what people talk about me. I don’t exactly make myself fool anymore. I can’t be bothered about everybody’s opinion or no one should be.”

9. She Loves Shopping

However, her shopping motto is never based over brands.

mahika sharma social actvity 10 Interesting Facts about Mahika Sharma   Miss Teen Northeast!

10. Mahika Sharma is a good dancer

But she insists that she is just an average singer.

By: Sia Agarwal

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