Know some of the lesser known facts of Shakuni – It’s not only about dice and poisoning Duryodhana!

Shakuni is one of the most intriguing characters of Mahabharat. I still cannot understand, why people seek “revenge” when it can actually spoil and destroy their own lives, let alone their enemies. This is the reason why I always think about Shakuni’s end whenever the unfortunate word “revenge” creeps into my mind. However, other than that Shakuni had more to his name in the mythological series – Mahabharat. Let us focus on some of those interesting facts: 

shakuni FACTS 6 Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni of Mahabharat

1. Shakuni Had No Animosity Against Pandavas, His Real Enemy Was Bhishma 

Shakuni was not happy to see his sister Gandhari marrying a blind man and so his immediate enemy was Bhishma who brought the proposal of a blind man for his sister. In addition, there is another legendary story which highlights the fact that the ancestors of Hastinapur destroyed the entire clan of Gandhara. This is one of the reasons why Shakuni vowed that he would end the entire Kuru line .

Shakuni lesser known facts 6 Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni of Mahabharat

So, you see Shakuni poisoning Duryodhana against Pandavas to initiate war and bring an end to the entire Kuru line by killing each other. 

2. Shakuni Had 2 sons – Uluka & Vrikaasur 

Since Shakuni is mostly seen in Hastinapur, his own family was never given much emphasis. However, the fact remains that he had two sons – Uluka and Vrikaasur. Ulook or Uluka wanted to take his father back to Gandhara before Pandavas came from Agyatvas but, Shakuni did not go back as he wanted to sit and initiate the Kurukshetra war. 

3. Shakuni Was Also Called as Saubala 

Shakuni’s father, the Gandhara King Subala had 100 sons and only daughter. Shakuni was the youngest son of the Gandhara clan while Gandhari was the only daughter. Although Shakuni was the last born, he was the most intelligent among all his brothers. Since he was the 100th son of Subala, he is also called as Saubala. 

Shakuni Mahabharat Anumpam Kher 6 Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni of Mahabharat

4. Shakuni’s Dice Was Made From Ivory & Not Bones of Anybody 

The Game of Dice is one of the many important chapters of Mahabharat where not only Shakuni but his magical dice too plays a vital role. There is a story that the dice which Shakuni used was made by the back/thigh bone of Shakuni’s father after he died. However, this story finds no place in Mahabharat because all these subplots was created later by different authors.

Shakuni Dice 6 Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni of Mahabharat

In reality, Shakuni’s dice was made of ivory and the reason why it is considered as magical because Shakuni was an illusionist, who created an illusion in front of the Pandavas and others, that he won and they lose. 

5. Shakuni Was a Lord Shiva Devotee 

Gandhari, his sister was a Lord Krishna devotee who prayed Lord Krishna all the time even when he was against her son’s army in the Kurukshetra war. However, unlike his sister Shakuni, was not a Vishnu devotee but a Shivaite who offered his prayers to Lord Shiva. 

shakuni krishna shiva 6 Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni of Mahabharat

6. Shakuni Has A Temple Dedicated to Him in Kerala 

Although he is considered as a villain in Mahabharat, he had certain good qualities in him. These good qualities were acknowledged by the Kuravar community in the Kollam District of Kerala where there lies an ancient shrine in Pavithreswaram dedicated to him. You can see a throne in the temple which is believed to be used by Shakuni. People believe that this is the same place where Shakuni got Moksha. They think he turned into Lord Shakuni. 

220px Shakuni Temple 6 Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni of Mahabharat

By: Deepti Verma

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