The promising promises by Modi, prior to election, turned out vain in his till-date regime as a PM.On continuation,Modi may never see himself as a PM again.

With one and a half years of BJP ruling, it is becoming clear how Ambani,  Adani and team is looting this country through Modi…to understand this, we have to go back to the 2011-2012 where the conspiracy started forming shape. 

Modi wave bjp namo Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

It all started with the creation of Modi wave… Who created the Modi wave?

I would say it was a carefully planned conspiracy of the so called Business groups like Ambani, Adani, Amit Shah and Modi…Due to unique credibility of Modi for hardcore Hindutva, Sangh Parivar and RSS joined this mission immediately. It was like Modi is playing the Hero Character in this drama but the script and directions are done by many others. The very first things they had done were creating an army for social media. Along with this, Ambani invested heavily in print and visual media companies. Today about 30 national and regional mediae are under the wings of Reliance. This gave the biggest strategic advantage for BJP, infact it gave a better result than they themselves expected. This is one of the reasons why they still continue to use these forces. All the new channels were forced to give only positive news about Modi. The remaining channels had negotiated tough for money and settled with the powerful lobby. End of the day money matters for Business!

industrialist anil ambanis swiss account Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

The best part is Congress party or a part of congress participated with this plan very well. That was the reason why even when they saw this danger is forming, they didn’t take any action. Even in the elections year, they haven’t done anything to reduce the inflation or any kind of popular activities. Instead they have further strengthened the anti-people activities in support the Business houses. They have increased the price of petrol several times which was one of the major earning for Reliance group. This was done to help BJP to achieve a clear majority. For these business groups, the small regional party at the center with a arm-twisting majority is a major headache and heavy expense. The reason being, when the smaller parties like DMK or SP are having a major say in the policy matters, they negotiate hard and the policies bending according to the business groups come at a heavy cost.

A centralized control of Congress or BJP will make things smoother. This was the major reason that these business houses wanted Congress to be back of from any major alliance for Lok sabha poll. Leaders like Chidambaram cooperated with this group very well and forced Congress to stand back. Also many of the senior congress leaders were not in a mood to come under the Rahul Gandhi’s PM-ship, instead they preferred to become a Man Mohan Singh like nominated PM or to they wanted to come up with their own dynasty.  But they knew the chance of such move was really rare. Even if a new Man Mohan is created, it seems to be in the favor of new age Congressman like Nandan Nilekani, which was further worst idea for senior congress leadership.  These scenarios worked very well for BJP and they got a major silent support from senior leaders of Congress.

To make these things worst, Rahul Gandhi openly endorsed Arvind Kejriwal at his victory at Delhi and gave an opportunity for them to form a government which performed well above everybody expectation. Rahul Gandhi’s affection for Arvind Kejriwal’s style of governance irritated and scared both congress leadership as well as Business groups. As mentioned earlier, this was very much shown in UPA-2 govt’s last few year performances. By that time, UPA-2 was almost shameless in favoring the major business groups. Even with all these favorable condition, these business groups didn’t want to take any chance, so they did what they knew the best: Hired a PR consultancy for an image change of Modi. It costed them a whooping – $ 300 Million Dollar. (About 1800 crores in INR). Since it was a collective effort, it was a small amount for these business houses and Modi paid off all these cost immediately after being into power, which we will discuss later in this article. PR agency advised to talk only about developments and anti correction, which was the part Modi acted extremely well. Thus the Modi wave was created and won the elections successfully.

kejriwal modi rahul Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?


Then comes the second part of this story….

When came to power, unlike everybody’s expectation, he did a “U” turn in many issues like black money, corruption, FDI, Aadhar Card, Land acquisition bill, Railway ticket charges,  OROP, GST, Cash Transfer, LPG subsidy, Appointment of Governors, Transfer of Whistle blower officers and almost all sort of governance they opposed from Congress. The corruption remained same as in the Congress regime. To make things worst for them, the crude oil price decreased to all time low which would have affected the Reliance earnings in a great deal. But the Government increased the tax on petrol to a all time high ratio. It actually gave a feeling to the people that the increase in petrol price is due to increase in tax. But the fact is Reliance is getting all time high profit from their refinery business with low buying price and high selling price. Apart from these, all major corruption cases of UPA government almost reached a dead end. Since the media is in their hand, they stopped sensitization of all these issues. Retail price index stayed at all time high.  When the onion price touched Rs.120 they diverted the media focus only to the Delhi government’s Onion purchase.

orop army Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

But the actual game was still on…Those who invested money got it back many fold!!!

The people who invested money were Ambani, Adani and group…Adani’s assets increased by 30,000 crore in last 18 months. Most of these project are from Central and state governments, where Adani’s firm doesn’t have any investment or negligible investment. He got unsecured loans from nationalized banks…Same way Reliance also got many contracts from government. One of the biggest project by Modi govt -Digital india is awarded to non other than Reliance. As per wikipedia, the project cost for govt is 4.5lakh crore and investment by Reliance is 2.5lakh crore. So we can guess that 2 lakh crore is the profit for Reliance from this project alone. Loan of 7000 crore was waived for Vijay Mallya. Tax amount of 32,000 crore waived for Vodafone to “promote foreign investment”. The list may get bigger when more facts come out in public domain. So the investment by the business houses for creating Modi wave was fully justified for their shareholders. Its public money and all these agreements are out in public, so nobody can accuse of corruption. That is the advantage, when you have of a proper game plan. Remember it is the same government who finds it hard to give a reasonable relief for their damaged crops.

digital india logo Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

But the game was something different, bigger and exclusive for Elite groups


In the past one and a half years, visited about 28 countries to promote “Make in India” and for investments by India in those countries. Almost of these places the elite business groups accompanied him.  But on the other side, doing business in India is still as tough as earlier. That was the part of game plan, so even if any investments comes from these places, it has to come through the partnership of these elite business groups. Same is the case of investment from India. All investments from India to other countries are rooted through these Elite business groups; not through any of our Public Sector Undertakings (PSU). In fact many of the projects from PSU’s are given to these elite groups like Ambani, Adani and Team.

Make in India Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

Modi and team are claiming about one Lakh crore USD investments. But it doesn’t look like a credible figure as if this kind of investment comes to any country; its currency rate should increase significantly. Likewise most of the claims look bogus or exaggerated. For examples in his US trip, we have signed defense purchases worth $4.7 Billion USD (approx 30,000 Crores in INR) and the deals we got in return from the much hyped meeting with  Google, Microsoft etc are real peanuts . For example Google gave an offer of converting 500 railway stations into wifi, which is actually a one week job for BSNL, and Google translation service in 10 Indian languages, which already exists. From Microsoft he got the projects like launching of Microsoft cloud computing in India, which are again existent.Worst part is, the contracts signed between these companies and Modi government are not yet made public. They are scared to submit it even to court. Delhi High Court is asking for these details since 3 months and government is yet to submit these documents.


What public got so far?


All major projects like ‘Swachh Bharat’ or ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ are still remaining on the paper. Swachh bharat only added dirt into the streets in the form of “Cleanness Awareness flex prints” but it will cost 64,000 crores to the public. Farmer’s suicides are as high as all time. The reason why BJP doesn’t want to do anything for the farmers is, any benefit for farmers and farming sector will directly affect the  land value, which is the last thing these business groups want. Modi fought thoroughly for new land acquisition bill, but thankfully they didn’t have sufficient numbers to pass that in upper house. So they had to back track it. It was a clear plan to steal the land by these business houses for nothing in return. Other major projects like Yoga day ended up in investment of 2000 crores from public kitty but with almost nil return. Infact China sold lakhs of Yoga Mats and earned billions of Dollars from  India’s expenses. Even Modi government purchased 37,000 mats from China for the program in Delhi.

yoga Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

So what actually the general public got is few over blown of Hindutva agenda like “Beef Ban”! The irony here is we are the largest beef exporting country and leather producers from long time. These issues are actually used to divert the public’s mind from real issues. Daal cost Rs.150, but all media will discuss whether we need to have beef ban or not! As long as media doesn’t focus on this issue, everything is okay for our society. Actually this “Beef Ban” got the support from a major Hindus group, those who actually practiced vegetarianism. As per Wikipedia India has only 30% Vegetarian, the remaining vast Majority population who don’t have any real hatred towads non-vegetarian. To make things worst, Hindu sacred books actually don’t teach vegetarianism. Instead Vedas and Ramayana did mention non-vegetarian culture of ethnic India. At least most of those people don’t have any problem, if a Muslim or Christian is eating Beef. In the past 68 years, since independence, India remained secular country only because of these people.

beef ban Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

I would say,if Sangh Parivar , RSS is having true intention to save the Holy Cow, rather than political motives, they should not try to implement it  at the cost of  poor farmers. Farmers are already facing a tough time due to climatic changes and lack of support from Government. Instead of that, they can think of a project where the Temples across the Nation should start cowsheds . Then Temples should buy these cows at market price from the farmers (after they stop giving milk)  and should take care of it till death.


What is the future?

Actually all these beef killings are to distract people’s attention from core issues like price hike or poor performance of the government. Like British, BJP is trying the “divide and rule” policy, which actually don’t give much result in India. Our history says that.

Those people who are not aligned to any political party are the people who actually change the government. You can’t actually underestimate their wisdom. Otherwise a good Prime Minister like Vajpayee wouldn’t be voted out and people actually elect a “foreigner” Sonia Gandhi into power on 2004. (I would say Courtesy Mr. Modi and Godhra killing).

For those people to whom progress of India matters, they voted Modi to power on his promise of Development. Currently Modi is acting like a “larger than life Hero”, by sidelining all other. Before election expectation of the masses was that he will come up with something which touches their lives. It has been one and a half years; a 30% of his tenure is over. If things continue like this, his egocentric personality and tall talks are digging his own grave. It is better to remember  Abraham Lincoln’s’ famous line – You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Narendra Modi Vibrant Growth Model Why Farmers Are Not A Part Of Modi’s Development Plan?

But if the things will go like this, the biggest loser will be none other than Modi himself. Whether it’s congress or BJP, corporates may achieve their goals. But Modi will be remembered as a Feku PM or U-turn PM in the history. He already has a Hard to erase past. The people who will curse him, most will be the people who once did put great faith in him and voted to power.  I would say no biased media could rescue him then; no Social Media Army would be sufficient to defend him. For, the Corporate houses don’t have fixed enemies or friends. They have only GOALS!

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