Every coin has two facades and folks often miss out on its another side. Somnath Bharti’s case too has a brighter side which implores for our support.

Yes I know this subject is controversial, perhaps indefensible, extremely  challenging to convince and maybe it would tarnish my image too as people will see me to have a mind set, yet I would like to take to address and take a stand on this very complex issue of this Leader Bharti ! Prima facie if you kind of think is Bharti a surname or a “takalluss” obviously he is a proud son of the country, but we’ll come to that later !

lipika somnath In Favour Of AAP And Its Leader Somnath Bharti

The “ times ” are bad and really very bad – Teesta Setalvad is fighting with her backs to the wall with insufficient incriminating evidence against the PM of our unlucky country! Modi has a record of miscarriage in Governance, lets leave it here. His accomplice Amit Shah is equally guilty of the same feel good factor of guilt which both of them share and are hand in glove of their crimes and are now in the thick of things for all affairs of this country (God save India)! They have indeed succeeded successfully to clear their names off the corridors of lower, higher and Supreme courts, as there is, I repeat – what’s called “ lack of evidence ”! In the same new government Nihaal Chand a Rapist is a Minister in power, there is a method to all this madness; if all criminals are there to support each other, the ones who have successfully got the better of misjudged justice you are welcome to the cozy club of the great Party! Then, there is systematic destruction and demolition of honest men like Sharma’s, Khemka’s, D.K.Ravi’s, Durga Shakti’s, and Chaturvedi’s who can be honored by outside Govts. and decorated with Magsaysay awards but hounded by hardcore dishonest tricksters and just not allowed to function and in fact Modi is now on a roll and engaged in a tango praising Mulayam Singh Yadav, another hardcore criminally corrupt mindset and has the audacity of calling himself “ Netaji ” !

Mulayam Singh After The Vote On FDI In Favour Of AAP And Its Leader Somnath Bharti


This brings us to the subject of another grave national injustice in the name of the true Netaji the real National Hero, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who was denied any justice at the hands of another cheat of this country, the very ambitious and completely self imposed 1st PM of India. It was Nehru who did not allow a Sardar Patel to become the PM, even when the Mahatma asked him to. He preferred a partition to Jinnah’s claim to PM ship. It was he who systematically destroyed Netaji Bose and the Congress party got into snooping mode of the great hero and his family … is that how a Nation treats its heroes. The Congress party with scams worth millions and trillions of dollars, with sweeping corruption at multi levels if not at all levels in and outside the government, maintaining double standards as a normal standard, gave rise to a characterless India. Just imagine what and where India would have reached had the character of Netaji Bose, whose call was, you give me blood and I will give you freedom! The Great hero of heroes who gave India its first army without even getting independence and brought the country to the threshold of independence in a much more dignified way than the perfidious and devious method worked out by Nehru – Gandhi combine by undermining completely the contributions of great martyrs of the nation and deliberately taking a cunning anti – truth way, a politically compromised stand, driven with self ambition. India would have to be vacated anyways as 95% of the work was already done by Bhagat Singhs / Raj Gurus / Sukhdevs / Khudiram Boses / Bagha Jatins / Ashutosh Mukherjees and the biggest kick was from Netaji Bose. So after 95% of work is over, the manipulative Nehru can be credited with only 5% then why all these memorials! One is reminded of Nehru smoking the British pipe and smoking his way into Edwina’s heart by espousing the Indo – Brit style which came so easily to him; and all this mind you, neglecting his own ailing wife Kamala at home through whom he had only this one child Indira! What a colorful PM indeed! And Indira Gandhi too was well known for her intrigues with the Sikhs and politics of dictators, emergencies etc.! Besides see her record as to how great a married life she had with the Muslim husband Feroze against her father’s wishes and then she trampled over! In this game of marriage I give the pass percentage to Modi sahib that he owned up that his family thrust upon him the marriage in which he was not interested but darling why didn’t you run away before you took the “pheraas” and see what mess you have got into by disclosing your marital status in your election form, but now you are PM at least take care of certain comforts for her Modi sahib!

nehru ghandi2 In Favour Of AAP And Its Leader Somnath Bharti


It is at these times when a guy like Arvind Kejriwal has to make a debut and plunge into the dirty waters of Politics to swim side by side with sharks and whales! Obviously how can you ever think that he will be allowed to function – he is not a criminal, he is not “ black ” at all, he has no record of scams, rapes, murders he is not a member of the cozy club and it really doesn’t matter if he is a record breaking elected CM of the Capital of India – he just cannot be called great but “Khaaaaamosh” we have “ Breaking News! ” Shatrughna Sinha of the same Party with clean credentials but neglected by the cozy club have said AAP is the BAAP of several parties and heaped praises on Kejriwal saying he is a Phoenix who has raised from dust! So we can see one correct thinking person can give a whole new direction to correct the vision to many wrongs in this nation! And though I am just an ordinary guy with an open mind, I wish to lend some support to Kejriwal’s beleaguered AAP member who till recently was said to be an asset to the Party by the same Kejriwal! How overnight can he become an embarrassment! Did Bharti not say that the police are going to use brutal torture methods in custodial questioning which the advocate Bharti is aware of as a lawyer! I am reminded of a song line – “ Waqt insaan pe aisaa bhi kabhi aataa hai, Raah mein Chod ke saayaa bhi chalaas jaataa hai ” and “ bach ke nikaljaa iss basti se kartaa muhabbat koi nahin ” !

AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal With Winning Candidates In Favour Of AAP And Its Leader Somnath Bharti


Somnath’s wife is an educated entity. She is qualified and works for a MNC. Its most unfortunate that I have been to his office twice and both the times Somnath ji mentioned that he has very scarce money to even maintain the MLA’s office. He uses air conditioners very sparingly as he has no means to pay heavy bills. Yet Mrs. Bharti was adamant that Somnath pay the rent of the house which she could have easily afforded but fought against it and always became an obstacle in the face of odds and did not let the Leader function peacefully! That Somnath Bharti is always on tenterhooks is anybody’s guess. Now coming to the Drug and Flesh racket for which he fought tooth and nail. Yes he was high handed but what was the matter one must understand straight simple drug racket was thriving in the Khirki extension and women were engaged in nefarious activities that was a fact and how could he keep his temper under check when his blood boiled for the wrongs that were happening in front of his eyes and here he had taken oath as a Minister, MLA what not and here the police was showing complete apathy and showing easy tendencies of kid glove treatment to such heinous crimes that was going on. At Safdurjang Club there was a 100 people strong audience who were shown the video footage of Somnath Bharti on the fateful day when the police openly disobeyed a Ministers orders!

lipika somnath In Favour Of AAP And Its Leader Somnath Bharti


This brings us to this subject of drugs and we know what is happening in Punjab today! The whole of Punjab has become a den for drug peddlers with a whole generation affected. Who could have ever dreamt that the state known for being India’s granary and house of brave hearts would one day be reduced to this status! Who’s to blame? Apathy apathy apathy is to be blamed. We really have hardly any respect for our youth; we could perhaps stage manage very nicely if the youth of the country is led into a perennial sabbatical and we could peacefully keep looting the nation ! Yes Somnath Bharti tried his best to stop this heinous crime from getting spread but what happened really he never did get his due! Perhaps he needs to be more patient . But for how long do we wait for such things and do we treat them with “Kid Gloves” ? Most certainly not and instead of strengthening his hands we want to send him to jail ! There are so many woman who are only there to spend their husband’s money and invariably land up fighting against the husbands. Do we have a men’s cell where men could take their part of the problems ? May we request Lipika Bhabi to please give Somnath ji some respite? She will do some service to the nation if she can co – toe the lines of Sunita ji the CM’s better half who has kept up such a brave front in the face of such horrible odds! Lipika bhabi is under the influence of the old DCW chief and is hell bent in showing her husband down, after all everything boils down to ego ! Somnath ji is great political material and we request the AAP Govt. to give him some protection which a very good MLA deserves and also pay some heavier pay packets which is at the bottom of all the conflict !!

Somnath Bharti arrested  In Favour Of AAP And Its Leader Somnath Bharti


In the end I am in some kind of high struck and need to quote Cliff Richard 

when he sings : “ When two worlds drift apart ! ” :

We turned water into wine but that didn’t last
We were the victims of our age
Now we live on different floors
And go our separate ways
And talk behind closed doors
We changed our world waiting for it all to end
It’s such a shame but who’s to blame
When two worlds drift apart

We used to sit around the fire
And whisper words the world outside would make no claim to hear
But now we talk an octave higher
In droning tones that don’t relate at all to yester year
We changed our world waiting for it all to end
It’s such a shame but who’s to blame
When two worlds drift apart

Do you remember when we were seventeen
We took a boat out for an hour
But we preferred the greenery to the scenery of the sea
And tied up in some cosy cove
Till harbour lights appeared across the bay

Into love and out of mind
A poet claimed that loving you has only made me blind
But love is really crystal clear
It’s only when you need someone the clouds will soon appear
We changed our world waiting for it all to end
It’s such a shame but who’s to blame
When two worlds drift apart

Do you remember when laughter was the cure
For all the hard times that we knew
But we forgot to feed the fire – let it all burn down
Warmth returns to cold and poison into pain
It’s such a shame but who’s to blame
When two worlds drift apart ….  !!

Song writer : Peter Sills

somnath bharti raid360 In Favour Of AAP And Its Leader Somnath Bharti

I pray good sense prevails on both the wife and the husband as they have 2 beautiful children and they give themselves space and good understanding !! Its very sad otherwise !!!

By Indra Neel Mukherjee

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