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We need to strongly condemn changes being proposed to our laws and protest the mal-handling by the police as regards to our freedom of speech. This is not just related to the freedom of speech in the internet, but elsewhere as well. It would almost appear that our government and bureaucrats have taken a cue from the Arab Spring, have realized the viral potential of messages on the Internet, and are trying their level best to curb it. Interestingly enough they have allowed, in central Delhi, processions by political parties, but have declined to allow a peaceful protest against the lack of safety in Delhi’s streets (see Nirbhaya). Perhaps this is due to the fact that political parties are powerful entities in their own right, while the women’s’ movement was being led by no-one in particular, it was being led by good conscience and not a political personality and therefore curbed.

Facebook and Cartoons

As per the current law, even an innocent complaint in Facebook of the nuisance cause by politicians can have you thrown in Jail (e.g. Palghar) – with the inspectors who help in perpetrating such a crime probably potentially being invited to become an office bearer of a political party. A cartoon ridiculing powerful people/institutions can have you thrown in Jail (Jadavpur University, etc.) – where is the end to this? On the flip side people having committing scams of thousands of crores go scot free as the legal process takes a few decades?

Legal Process Tilted Towards Politicians

We are in a system where the legal process seems to be tilted towards the rich and powerful – the only correcting factor to this is our freedom of speech. The ability to question and point out that something is amiss and to spread it among other concerned civilians. This is not about intrusion into someone private affairs. I mention private affairs as politicians use this as a ploy to deflect accusations, to keep family members out of the accusations. There are a lot of questions that one can ask these days, some more obvious than the others?

Are We allowed to Question Censorship & Corruption?

Are we allowed to ask these questions? Are we allowed to question corruption? Are we able to make constructive suggestions as to the course of the economy, education, and industry – this is why we need our freedom of speech today more than any other time.

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  1. Sherly Thomas V

    Mr.Vivek it’s now 2016, in June half the year will be over.Everywhere, cinema or non – cinematic venues there will be drama. Right here in New York drama meaning issues! What happened here is very it takes two hands to clap,being a South Indian to your mom’s neighboring country it is an expression often heard.When situations backfire to make things correct a person goes through trials.God saved you from heartache, more drama,and friends that were not true as they “acted out” to be .I know my example family passes away and relatives grab in your situation you were in the spot and fell into a manipulative trap ace in the hole.People whoever he or she is wants to be noticed what were the intentions will determine from one’s soul and Only God is the judge.Situations that can be a dilemma can suddenly arise to be a blessing in disguise.There is only one Actor , Vivek Oberoi very intelligent, did not waste time ,earned his degree, blessed with a beautiful wife&child who thinks you are the man. Mistakes are allowed in the human race! No one has the right to ban anyone from their born rights.No reason to preach forgiveness if one cannot practice it.In America we always say kill anger with kindness! Now, you are a humanitarian a strength of making a difference in lives of many. It doesn’t matter who are parents were or what status we are born to because God knows what he destined& molded us to be.He just awaiting for our consent to allow him to do it.Then there are many of us proud to say sorry or many who may never get the chance .It is ridiculous for any director or person to say to “you could have but or you lost your chance!”.If one director goes by the Rules of Bollywood then he is a big hole from his own backside!” That director is not the only one . Bollywood is not the only cinema in India.Punjabi’s make the best movies family ,comedy and great South has many productions . Many American celebrities engaged &determined into making difference in society for the underprivileged. Everyone & Anyone will be allowed to make mistakes in life! We learn lessons from our ignorance and that is okay.Being a hypocrite and living with the fact, that all that glitters is not gold.In life we are not to be any celebrity nor is beauty defined to one person.Once the late actress, Marilyn Monroe sung ,”When love goes bad things go wrong women get old and men get cold.”Beauty never had a Miss Universe or Miss World because the entire world did not participate.Late Frank Sinatra,which is still sung today in the movie, “My Pal Joey” famous song, “The Lady is a Tramp!” There are people who will need you to help them practically all your life but it takes a Lady and a Gentleman to appreciate one’s friends and to say sorry to forgive & to be forgiven.In a world of sinners and saints with fools and follies I wish you all the best to you &your family.All IS WELL! SIGNING OFF ,Sherly V Thomas -Desi Gal


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