Check out Bollywood & South Indian Film’s Funny Action Stunts!!!

Science fails when it comes to stunts performed  by Bollywood and South Indian Movie actor -gravity raises its hands. Solid becomes gas and man becomes superman.

Following stunts are not thrilling, they are shockingly hilarious 

1. Killing On Phone

Oh my God! If killing could be done on phone, then it is the easiest way and you don’t even have to go to prison for no one has seen you.

killing on phone Funny Action Scenes!

2. Flying Punch

This one is not difficult. All you have to know is flying. If you can do that, you can fight with any number of people. 

flying punch Funny Action Scenes!

3. Horse Skidding

Well, well, well! What you see here cannot even be thought of. This is not bike skidding, this is horse skidding. Salute to the real hero, the horse.

horse skidding Funny Action Scenes!

4. Jeep In Air

Jeeps don’t lie! See the power of bullet.

jeep in air bullet Funny Action Scenes!

5. Arm Cut In Air

Marvelous! This is called “bull’s eye”. He should have been in sports rather than movies.

arm cut in air Funny Action Scenes!

 6. Robotics By Rajni

Did you know how earth rotates? Rajni is spinning it on his finger. Nothing is impossible for him.

robot Funny Action Scenes!

7. One Bullet Two Villains

Where there is a will, there is a way. This cop has failed Ranjnikant with his extraordinary effective brain. He used knife to divide one bullet into two to kills the villains. Incredible!

one bullet two villains Funny Action Scenes!

8. Stunt to Impress A Girl

If you perform this action, there is no way girl would say no to your proposal but attempt at your own risk.

impress girl Funny Action Scenes!

9. Roll It Over

Ajay Devgan seems to have remote control of car. He knows how to roll it over in air and how many inches away to drop it.

Singham car scene Funny Action Scenes!

10. The Dhaai Kilo Ke Haath Stunt

Ye dhaai kilo ka hath jab padta hai to admi uthta nai, uth jata hai. Looks like he has underestimated himself. His hands seem to be heavier than dhaai kilo.

Sunny punch man down Funny Action Scenes!

If that doesn’t impress you, look below. They will blow your mind.

Sunny Deol breaking floor Funny Action Scenes!


11. Protect your cycle but not your own life!!


crossing rail tracks Funny Action Scenes!

By: Sapna Madan



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