It is a pity that the country that boasted once of resource, has been drained of her wealth by the ruthless, selfish tactics of the rulers and political leaders. As the Lokshabha elections are on the way, it is Modi who has every promise like Deng Xiaoping of China, to show India her dawn of development irrespective of the Media trials and character assassination of Modi.

During the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-76) a famous group named ‘Gang of Four’ led by Mao’s last wife Jiang Qing took over most of key Chinese govt policies and decisions and ran a parallel govt till the death of China’s Paramount leader Mao Zedong in Sept 1976 and the arrest of all the four key members of the gang. To check the balance of unrest formed after failed Great Leap Forward policy started in 1958, Mao created the Red Guards (revolutionary youth), initiated by the Cultural Revolution. The situation got out of control quite fast as the Red Guards confused the revolution with planned violence when Mao had commented, ‘learn revolution by making revolution”. Eventually, after the defeat of gang of four and a failed coup of power in China, Deng XiaPong who was being against the Cultural Revolution came back into power around 1977 and settled the long political unrest in the country. Although Deng never held an office as the head of the state, head of the Government or General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (the highest position in Communist China), he nonetheless was the “Paramount Leader” of the People’s Republic of China from 1978 to 1992.

Narendra Modi Gang Of Four And Modi: A Pragmatic View Of Current Politics

Modi – Another Deng Xiapong or Fundamentalist? Let the elections and time decide!

India’s position at this point of time is far better than what China was at that time around 1976, despite the fact that China’s GDP was comparatively lower than that of India during that time. But ironically, India has been standing in a somewhat similar situation where China had been at that time. We have ‘Gangs of Four’ –Sonia G,( Widow of Late Rajiv Gandhi), Intellectual-Brain Dead People- having Communist mindset, infected-incestuous Media groups, editors/Journos, and last but not the least our so-called ‘Secular Parties Front’. After Rajiv Gandhi’s accidental assassination, Sonia Gandhi suddenly reappearing from the hibernation mode along with her NAC, took all the pains and ruined the entire economy, tore basic tenants of law and many a times over ruled the basic law of governance, which our Guardians laid down for us. She, as a widow first took over the hierarchical position of India’s GOP (Grand Old Party) and the huge sum of money & power associated with it and separating herself from any accountability by putting Manmohan Singh just like Hua Guofeng headed Chinese govt once. In doing so, she perfectly understood the art of using the other three with the cunning minds within party courtier and well wishers of Gandhi family.  All these are already discussed at length on various platforms, so we will not enter into that part.

Now coming back to India once a dominating, mineral and ethos enriched, a country that has a lineage of heritage has been destroyed since 12th Century.  But it was during the  1st Industrial revolution somewhat between the years 1760-1840 when West made their fortunes after digging the rest of the world under Imperialism, colonised India and drained India of her resources and wealth.  Ever since 1947 , after India achieved her Independence, rulers kept on changing as did the colours of their parties,but the approach to build an enriched India seemed a faraway call. This is the net result for  the current situation of  this country. That does not mean we have not progressed, but with its mass potential we are too far under developed. Though our economy is market oriented, our political parties are socialist in varying degrees.

As the influx of formation for the 16th Lok Sabha, Narendra Damodardas Modi, BJP Prime Ministerial candidate is on the verge to rewrite India’s history from the leaf of Dengism. The theory does not reject Marxism or Mao Zedong thought, but instead seeks to adapt them to the existing socioeconomic conditions of China. Deng was recognized officially as “the chief architect of China’s economic reforms and China’s socialist modernization”. Media so far has incorrectly diagnosed Modi as a dictator, Bhashmasur, Fundamentalist. But if you closely watch his administrative style and nature of working, you may find he is working with a group of people who are at the center of power much before him, he remains focused on development(talk about toilet over the temple), for Modi Constitution is his Religion, he talks about farming and manufacturing in same length and at same ease, his dream of India made of self reliable and self-sustained model. As the core of the second generation leaders, Deng shared his power with several powerful older politicians commonly known as the Eight Elders. Modi has little to do with the treatment to older generation & rift seen between him and Lal Krishna Advani, Modi is a prudent listener and  prefers to work in a team, contrary to what media created image of him so far.

Modi unlike his predecessor  has never budged to rhetoric’s’ of secular politics, but  in fact he gave a stern message of intolerance for any kind of fundamentalism when he proposes that the needs of  the poverty-stricken Hindus and Muslim are same: bread and not bullets in his controversial Patna rally. In a sense he wants to carry the idea of Sangh’s Akhand Bharat, where every citizen needs to practice patriotism over religious beliefs, which is anyway correct, but in such a manner which suits country, ever imagined for a party like BJP. Udit Raj & Uma Bharti- two centers of Dalit & OBC politics in our country will be a key player in party’s stride to 7RCR, this is what every media and secular liberals are worried about. Hindus can never be united until this caste divide keep them divided, once this is demolished the next agenda on their minds will be of development. Modi wants them to see through this.  Again when  the noted journalist Mr.M J Akbar joined the party and was attributed the post of the official spokesperson, the tainted paint of pseudo-secularism washed out of many in the face of media.  This need not be misguided with token minority appeasement by party, but must be seen in a pragmatic way, both BJP & Muslims want to move from the rhetoric of hatred and targeted secular politics, they want Change and Development.

India needs a  four-sided approach  at this hour to lift this country with a force that is young and energetic. I quote Deng – “Slow growth equals stagnation and even retrogression. We must grasp opportunities; the present offers an excellent one. The only thing I worry about is that we may lose opportunities. If we don’t seize them, they will slip through our fingers as time speeds by.” Modi is talking about systematic change which actually laid the foundation of current economic prosperity of China- Four Modernizations, laid by Zhou Enlai. Deng took the country to impossible heights and currently Modi dreams the same. Media is busy in eye washing the public with petty issues, whereas country is awakening to a new dawn, a dawn of whisper & opportunity. I quote these lines of Deng to cast what Modi in fact will do rather than what others wants you to believe is –“We should be bolder than before in conducting reform and opening to the outside and have the courage to experiment. We must not act like women with bound feet.” This connected well when he conceptualized his reform idea in governance by P2G2 formula.

All members from Gangs of four were arrested and imprisoned when Hua came to know about the coup plan by Jiang. Unfortunately, in our case, people may never see justice in that form, but the  probable congress dissemination in this election and coming years will ensure justice for the country, and those are who still painting Modi as Hitler, maybe in future will admire him greater than even Deng Xiapong.

I only wish to live up to that day and see the light. China and India share centuries old heritage and cultural relations. It was under Nehru and his policy that Sino-Indian relations are now always seen in suspicious. I can see that when Modi takes the helms of this country, he will take both country forward to a new strategic mutual interest relationship.

By Amit Daga @AmitGDaga

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