Three letter place Goa wraps itself with euphoric sights which every year gets unwrapped by a swarm of tourists. But, month December is ideal to be in Goa.

December can be a great time to visit Goa as it offers you an opportunity to escape the humidity and hot temperatures that envelope this state otherwise. Taking those long walks on the beaches of Goa can be a memorable experience. With a number of Goa’s tourist attractions shrouding a different colour, this state can be an awesome place to roam around. There are many things to do in Goa in December that can simply fill up your itinerary. Let us see what they are:

  1. Stroll along the beautiful beaches

 The most happening part about Goa is its beaches. However, they can be the quietest aspect as well. While the beaches in North Goa attract a lot of tourists, South Goa beaches are less crowded. While most of the people visit these beaches for parties and stuff, in December they offer you a perfect spot for sunbathing and water activities, ideal for winter recreation. Or for that matter you can also take long walks to wonder at the immensity of the sea and get tanned under the sun. So check some trip plans and start preparing for Goa right now.

stroll along goa beach Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Explore the alleys of Old Goa

 History comes alive in Old Goa. Old Goa can offer a plenty of knowledge and curiosity to people who are interested in history and architecture. Panjim is indeed known as the ‘Rome of the East’ as it is strewn with a number of churches, convents, museums, art galleries, government buildings, bungalows and bakeries that revive the old world charm.

alley of goa Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Get Yourself Rejuvenated Through massage

 What can be a better way to rejuvenate yourself than to have a massage when the rest of India is shivering with cold. There are many good massage centres and spas in Goa that offer luxurious massages to their customers. Whether it be Balinese or Thai, nothing can be better to have a delightful massage after your beach parties and exploration of the state is over.

spa in goa Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Visit Goa for what it is famous for- the parties

Come December and the whole of Goa immerses in the festive mood that ranges from parties to religious festivals. Goa receives tons of visitors during December. Even though you would like to avoid that frenzy but then it holds its own charm which you simply can’t resist. The state celebrates the lively music festival that attracts a lot of visitors. For those who want to embark on a spiritual journey can observe the pious Feast of St. Francis Xavier, which is marked by several days of festivity in December.

party in goa Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Meet the dolphins on your Dolphin Drive

 Get introduced to the lovely creatures on a dolphin drive in December. Stroke them, or say hello as you drive down into the gushes of water on your boat. Believe it or not! These moments can be the best memories of your life as you would capture them in your cameras. The dolphin cruise trip is flanked with a day-long tour of Grand Island, ideal for a peaceful picnic.

Dolphin Play with Tourists Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Visit the famous Saturday Night Market

The Saturday Night Market in Arpora functions only during the peak months, from November to April. The market starts from 6 pm and is open till the wee hours of morning. Music, food, some amazing clothes and accessories from across the globe, vintage items and live concerts are a part of this market. It’s more inviting during December due to its hippie atmosphere, a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere in India!

 goa market Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Gamble in the Casinos

Casinos are indeed one of the popular Goa tourist attractions. While they are open throughout the year and receive a lot of visitors, visiting them in December would entail a lot of festive spirit and New Year party mood. There is a certain casino vibe in the casinos of Goa that can be compared to places like Las Vegas.

casino in goa Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Explore Goa’s wildlife

 Apart from the party options Goa has many areas where you can explore the wildlife. You can visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park that can be explored at their best in December as the weather remains pleasant enough.

bondla wildlife sanctuary Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Hop on to Mandovi River Cruise

 Goa’s beauty can be best explored on its waters. Hopping on to Mandovi river cruise would mean interacting with Goa’s beautiful nature!

goa cruise Things To Do In Goa In December

  1. Vroom on your bike

The best way to see Goa is to hire a bike and to ride non-stop, all day on its roads and routes. So, hire one as soon as you reach your destination and explore the narrow lanes and beaches of the famous state. So what would you like to do in Goa this December?

goa bikes Things To Do In Goa In December


By Soha Kapoor

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