Since last few months a number of events occurred in India which manifests growing intolerance like killing, making face black and so on. Why Modi, Why?

Since last few months a number of events occurred in India which manifests growing intolerance like killing, making face black and so on. Our inherited tolerance has been eroded during last few years. But recently it has been shot up by virtue of irresponsible statements of communal forces & leaders of ruling party. Will it yield any desired result? In fact it will certainly destroy the unified thread of our culture. Assembly election is under progress in Bihar. Speech of our great leader has touched lowest height. It is difficult to identify who is national leader & who is regional leader, who is nationalist & who is personalist/opportunist.

bjp president amit shah Growing Irresponsibility Of Ruler
Addressing an election meeting at Raxul on Thursday, Amit Shah said that ‘’ If BJP is defeated in Bihar, crackers will be burst in Pakistan.’’ Does he mean that all leaders opposing to them are traitors? If so then they all must be brought under the law of the land. Some other day, PM compared Nitish, Lalu & Sonia as three idoits. What is his opinion about Thakkar CM of Haryana, Giriraj Singh & many others who deliberately provoke the society?
It seems that BJP likes only yes citizen. But in democracy, it is the fundamental right of the citizens of the nation to criticize the policy & program of the political party. In fact, a healthy democracy cannot sustain if criticism is restricted which ultimately result the evolution of dictatorship, what we had seen in emergency.

RIP Democracy Growing Irresponsibility Of Ruler
Growing intolerance lead to the refund of awards by scholars, historians, artists, scientists etc. A total of 53 historians including leading names like Romila Thapar,  Irfan Habib, KN Panikar, & Miridula Mukarjee in a joint statement released by Sahamat raised their serious concerns over recent development.

This is the time that the ruling party should review their policy & take the views of learned & expert irrespective field. But the senior minister talks differently. Ministers call it paper revolution & advised writers to stop writing. Arun Jaitely described those returning their award as ‘’rabid anti BJP elements’’.

chidambaram arun jaitley budget Growing Irresponsibility Of Ruler
In the another development Professors of IIT B has strongly condemned the interference of HRD minister in a minor issue related to PhD candidates. Last December Prof R K Sevgankar resigned as IIT D Director allegedly after the ministry sought an explanation from him over a MoU signed after disagreement with MHRD. In March this year Anil kakodakar scientist & chairman of board of governors IIT B resigned in protest of MHRD. India has already facing acute shortage of global level educational institution; such interference of MHRD questions the intention of Modi Government.

In short, Modi government has been making regular efforts at thrusting its own agenda without testing its utility.
In between the line there is good news that country has scaled up 12 places ease of doing business as per World Bank report. It is a great achieving for luring investment.

The report highlights two reforms that India has implemented during past years. It was able to amend the Companies Act, made starting business easier by eliminating capital requirement & need to obtain a certificate to commence business operations.

india nepal flags Growing Irresponsibility Of Ruler
On foreign site the news coming from Nepal is not conducive to us. Nepal AL along has been a great friend of ours. Recently they had entered an agreement with China for fuel supply. It is another shot in the arm of China. We cannot remain silent spectator. We should keep Nepal as a special zone. If dragon achieved to keep us at bay In Nepal, then that will be saddest event & most dangerous for us. Let government take all care of it.

By Dr Dinesh Mishra

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