The Augusta Westland scam once again highlights the high level of corruption that tarnishes Indian Defence Deals. Do serious repercussions of such failures of duty call for stringent forms of action?

Folks – another great Indian Defence Scam this time with the Indian Air Force. The case has now been referred to the CBI. The defence minister states that no one will be spared. SP Tyagi says I am shocked to hear my cousins have taken money and that I am innocent and that all changes to the contract that helped Augusta were purely professional.

Augusta Westland Helicopters

Lets start with the basics – the contract was to purchase 12 AW101 (AW stands for Augusta Westland) choppers – a 4000 crore helicopter deal – which is considered to be a medium lift helicopter used both in miltary(defence) and civil operations.

Here’s the greek tragedy (or perhaps the farce) – corruption in the contract to buy the helicopters meant to carry the (potentially)highly corrupted !!
Clearly from the responses , the players had ample time to plan and issue statements. From shock and disbelief to useless statements like the guilty will be punished (which I might add has been applauded by the press – Mr Anthony, our defence minister is clearly playing the piper here – when has a guilty ever been put behind bars in India ??).

Augusta Westland AW 101 Helicopter 300x225 Defence Scam   Indian Air Force   Augusta Westland

Tatra Trucks Scam

Remember the controversial Tatra truck defence deal (read scam), for fourteen years the esteemed establishment of BEML has been trying to absorb the technology in a truck ! Does this seem crazy only to me ?? A truck for gods sake ? The chief of BEML in fact has threatened to sue anyone who speaks poorly about him. Please sue me (as long as you are not using BEML funds to sue but your own private funds – or are they both the same ??  – “sab chalta hai”) – isn’t this scam as plain as day light – but nothing has happened so far and nothing will. I have added an image above – does anything look high tech to anyone ?

Tyagi And Cousins

Italian media reports clearly state that Tyagi’s cousins have been bribed 100′s of thousands of Euros – clearly Chief SP Tyagi is shocked – I would be as well – all the money should have come to me and not my cousins – relatives, I tell you icon smile Defence Scam   Indian Air Force   Augusta Westland

Dhruv Helicopter 300x263 Defence Scam   Indian Air Force   Augusta Westland

Anyone remember the ALH – the Advanced Light Helicopter? – of course, for VVIP’s only “foren mal” will do. They were never even in consideration – HAL does not pay bribes to the Defence Ministry for contracts. I am sure they are not in the business of giving bribes – only taking ( just kidding of course?).

The Bharatiya Janata Party is claiming this to be another “bofors case (another defence scam)”. The congress lead united progressive alliance government is saying “business-as-usual” and passing the buck to the CBI. The CBI of course just transferred (what does this mean – should he not have been arrested ?) the chief prosecutor of the 2G scam. So only god knows what a CBI enquiry means.

Defence Deals

Anyways what is the purpose of my rant? My belief is that most defence deals involve bribes and that there have been many scams – BEML, Scorpene submarine, Bofors , Coffin (yes!!), and so on. These are well known as they made headlines. Most of other procurment related scams are probably under the radar – the corruption must be systemic. The same was alluded to by a senior editor on TV during the Tatra truck scam – a complete overhaul is required ! There must be many corrupt individuals for sure in the Defence Ministry and the armed forces – they must be first identified and then  severely punished both via prison sentences and monetary fines (in excess of their bribes) – only then will be system be cleaned !! We talk about terrorism and hang people for being terrorists – but what about the termites who are destroying us from within?

Send The Corrupt To Jail Please – ASAP

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Image Source: Elwood [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons , IANS

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