Indian education system – Colleges are churning out graduates in thousands with no inclination towards the realization that they need to address the issue of employment.

One thing that is common these days among all election manifestos across the country is the lack of vision in the field of education. Chief Ministers across states have in the name of modernity in education and their outlooks off course have started doling out free laptops/tablets etc. to the students. But the question actually is like all other public welfare schemes (through ignorant expenditure of the tax payers hard earned money) is this serving any meaningful purpose?

free laptops subsidy education politics Indian Education System Needs An Overhaul

At a time when corporate are talking about Indian talent being unemployable and the Vice Chancellor of one the finest institution of the country (DU) pointing out that the whole system needs a overhaul will these freebies solve or help the country in any way? The education system needs an overhaul. The present day situation is more of a rat race and with each passing day we are making it even more difficult for the rats to sustain in the long run.

Teachers in government schools are being told not to hold back students in primary classes. This might be one way to ease the pressure off the students but in another way it is weakening the roots of the tree that needs to bear fruit. The standard is declining. If everyone is passing how will you rate the performance of the ones on the other side of the desk- The Teachers? It’s a relief for them too as they are being told to do something they always wanted to do- NOT FAIL ANYONE. This has only lead to a decline in quality. A survey found out that more than half of the students in Standard-5 could not even read. What’s the use of this education???

Privatization is good but opening hundreds of college with no interest towards providing quality will only increase Unemployment-one of the biggest issues facing the country. Colleges are churning out graduates/Post Graduates in thousands with no inclination towards the realization that they need to address the issue of employment. The lack of vision is actually affecting the economy in many ways. Unemployment is on the rise, people are being handed out monthly payments from government exchequers since they are unemployed and then the laptops and other freebies are already there.

indian education system Indian Education System Needs An Overhaul

The need of the hour is to work in a bottom to top approach. For a tree to be fruitful the roots need to be taken care of. Attention needs to be given to Primary Education- THE Roots. Infrastructure, quality of education and facilities all need a major uplift at this level so as to work towards a bright future with a solid foundation at place. Monitoring needs to be done so that the desired results are achieved. There are many issues to be addressed but let’s start with the basics (is what I have been taught).

We can’t be running away from the duty of imparting education as it is meant to be. Learning needs to take place. Real Learning-One where everything leads to curiosity and the want to reason and understand how it changes us.

Imparting Education is not about numbers (how many passed the subject or not) – QUANTITY but actually about how many understood it- QUALITY. Till the time the people who govern education don’t understand this concept no amount of laptops will help make good engineers/doctors/lawyers etc.

By: Harsh Tuli

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