Add Ghee, milk, rice and these other super foods to your daily diet chart – fight diseases as well as stay healthy, energetic and slim.

Here’s a daily diet chart of Indian Super Foods to transform your life for the better. Modern life is the canvas of stress, tension, and fast paced lifestyle laced with ambition. Gen Y are choosing fast foods which are deliciously mouth watering and easily available. However, diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, skin problems and many more have become common triggered by these array of fast foods.  It is a scientifically proven fact that few diseases occur as a result of age, but most of them have been invited by us because of our unhealthy eating habits. When other nations like Japan are adopting Indian food habits, it’s a pity that India is switching over to tinned foods. So, switch to the twenty super foods mentioned below and enjoy prolonged living.

Cow’s Milk

Start your day with a glass of cow’s milk. Milk is a gifted natural food that has all the elements required for an individual’s growth. Cow’s milk is more nutritious and less fatty than buffalo’s milk and is said to assist in mental growth. Also milk is Calcium rich, which is crucial for the growth and development of bones, and the potassium element present in it regulates heart contraction. Avoid Jersey and Holstein cows – stick to Indian cow’s milk. 

milk allergies saidaonline Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Amla is a proven miracle food since decades. Its results cannot be overruled. This Indian super food is high in antioxidants and therefore, amplifies the immune power. Being the best source of Vitamin C, amla rewards you with lustrous hair and great skin. Amla is also recognized for its anti-ageing property. Two amlas a day are sufficient to keep you fit.

amla indian super foods.jpg Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Tamarind is overlooked now a days, but you will surely bring it back to your kitchen once you come across its advantages. Tamarind is an antibacterial agent and takes care of your heart by diminishing the bad cholesterol level. It is also said to obstruct kidney stone formation and therefore, acts as a medicine for stone sufferers. Make the tamarind paste by boiling it first and then taking out the seeds. Use this paste in your meals.

tamarind1 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


 If you are getting minimal results of countless weight control attempts, then try honey. Honey is tasty and at the same time, will shed kilos from your body. Mix a spoon of honey in warm water and add lemon into it. Take this home-remedy every morning and you will witness a flat belly within few weeks.

honey laundering Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart



 This super food prevents skin diseases and reduces acne and excess oil by detoxifying the skin with the help of sulfur present in it. It’s an excellent remedy for weight loss and keeps headache at par. Along with these, it regulates blood sugar level and hinders the cancer tissue’s growth. Cabbage also curbs high blood pressure. Now, who will never refuse to cabbage?

cabbage recipes Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Egg White

Eggs have been a staple morning breakfast of many Indians. This small token of love from Mrs Hen has all the nutritious elements concealed in it and that’s the reason it is a super food. Eggs raise good cholesterol level and turn down the risk of heart attacks. A person needs to have 6 egg whites a day to accomplish body’s protein necessity. Preparing eggs is also a very easy task. You can eat simply boiled egg. Also you can stir fry the egg white with a pinch of salt. The best part is they don’t need lots of cooking procedures.

health benefits of egg white fruit and vegetable benefits6 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Yogurt has been a part of our meals since ages. It offers requisite amount of calcium and the lactobacillus bacteria existing in it boosts immunity. Yogurt can be taken with food or you can just have it plane as well.

chobani yogurt 0 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Nuts have been categorised as a super food after the researches have shown that a handful of nuts trims down major health hazards like heart diseases and diabetes. Now, let the meals be nutty without hesitation. 

Nuts.Picture 1 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart

 Mustard Oil

 Huge variety of oils are present in the market these days. Everyone has some unique benefit, but the oil from mustard seeds is one of the healthiest edible oil. There are two key reasons to switch to mustard oil. One is that it holds all the essential vitamins that a body calls for, and the other is that it has low level of saturated fat that doesn’t allow cholesterol level to increase. No extra efforts; just put 3-4 spoons of mustard oil while cooking.

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Make sure from now onwards that carrot remains on top of your shopping list. High in fibre, carrot cleanses digestive system, which in turn reduces risk of skin problems. The high amount of beta-carotene in it holds back the aging of cells and hence has anti-aging benefits. It is also noticed in some cases that carrot have reduced heart disease.

 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


One of the cheapest spices available in India, turmeric is supposed to have antiseptic and medicinal properties. Having turmeric with honey is said to enhance the metabolic system and liver problems. And with a proper liver the complexion also becomes better and better.

home bg1 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart

Red Rice

Half of India takes rice. And red rice is supposed to have antioxidants that keep away allergies , cancer and strengthen the immune system.  So rice is never an enemy to your ‘keep fit’ regime! Rich in fibres and complex carbohydrates, red rice stimulates good growth and regulates the blood sugar levels.

Red rice Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart

Black Rice

Black rice is rare and very nutritious. Black rice has high amount of vitamin E that strengthens the immune system and guards the cells against a free radical damage. Rich in antioxidant, black rice is a magical aid for prevention of Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer. It is the number one choice of carbohydrate in Manipur and the nutty taste of black rice is fragrant and delicious. getty article 152 39 185910326 XS Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart

Kesar or Saffron

Kesar has been one of the extravagant spices that can actually brighten the skin and remove the tan. If any pregnant woman can have a glass of milk with saffron the baby is sure to be born with a blessed skin!

saffron Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


In the food arena, Mr. Potato earned a bad smack.  However, these Idaho borne tasty additions carry surprising health benefits. Deliciously filling, moderate in calorie percentage and non- fattening, (yes, you have not read it wrong) they sum up the chart to eating healthy! Right from preventing cardio- vascular diseases to increasing the brain function, keeping away the incidence of kidney stones; potatoes are but our friend!

images1 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Methi or Fenugreek is your sure shot way to be safe from diabetes and get rid of dandruff. Again, it is highly recommended for reducing cholesterol levels. From controlling acne scars to reduce hair fall, fenugreek is a widely available spice. So, make sure your kitchen has a handful of them.

Fenugreek methi seeds Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


It’s quite natural that with the Be skinny trend going on, the term ghee is a sure shot term that can make you reread the article heading and the topic! No, you haven’t read wrong. Ghee is supposed to be rich in antioxidants and the fats in ghee helps in the absorption of healthy fats from other foods. Antioxidants reverse the aging process giving you a healthy youthful glow. 

ghee Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Proper grinding of tulsi mixed with honey can actually help you during the  approaching winter and keep away the flu if you are prone to cold and cough. Also regarded holy by Hindus, it even protects the heart, reduces stress and cures headache!

blog 046 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Neem is a medicinal plant and the bark, leaves, seeds are all useful to us. Neem leaves are said to be magical for the liver problems and a paste of neem leaves is sure to get you rid off acne scars and other skin problems.

neem1 Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


Ginger is another  item that is used for abdominal bloating and serious cough related problems and works wonders for rheumatism as well as arthritis.

ginger Indian Super Foods Daily Diet Chart


By: Editorial Team

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