There has been a wine revolution of sorts in Indian recently. Indians are drinking more wine and Indian wines are now recognised internationallly

wine Indian Wines Sula, Grover, Seagram are World Class

  1. Even though wine consumption in India is only about 1/8000th that of France, there has been a new appreciation for wine in India in recent times. Not only are more Indians drinking wine, more Indians are making wine as well. Wine is now being seen as the more stylish and genteel beverage choice among those who drink alcohol in India. Indians are now able to tell a Riesling from a chardonnay… there has been a Indian wine revolution of sorts in recent times.
  2. At one point Indian wines meant sweet Goa plonk; port wine brands such as Vinicola and Nita No 1. But now Indian wine brands such as Sula, Grover, Seagram, Vintage, Chateau D’Ori, Mercury, Indus, Chateau Indage and Zampa are now making their presence felt all over the world. Recently tennis star Vijay Amritraj launched a fine wine collection with Indian wine producer Grover Zampa Vineyards at glittering event at St James’ Court, a Taj Hotel in London.
  3. Among the finest wines produced in India are – Chene Grand Reserve from Grover Vineyards, SETTE from Fratelli Wines (Akluj), Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from Reveilo, Rasa Shiraz from Sula, Nashik, Barrique Reserve Shiraz from Four Seasons, Baramati and so on. (Source)
  4. Several locations in India are identified as being conducive for wine growing. The vineyards in regions of Maharashtra, near Nashik and Shirdi (now known as India’s Napa Valley) were among the first to start producing fine wines. Regions of Karanataka such as Nandi Hills near Bangalore are also known for producing high quality of grapes required for fine wines.
  5. ladies wine night Indian Wines Sula, Grover, Seagram are World ClassIndians are learning to appreciate fine wine. It is now more socially acceptable, particularly for Indian women. More women are financially independent and are able to assert their likes and dislikes more clearly. More Indian women are enjoying their wine now, breaking traditional taboos that frowned on women drinkers. An estimated 75 % of urban affluent young Indian women now drink wine occasionally, according to the Indian Wine Academy.
  6. Bigger pay checks, greater exposure to other cultures and frequent travel abroad has made Indians aware of many of the finer things in life, not just wine. We see more fine dining restaurants now that serve exotic and unusual cuisine. Where earlier, Indians were content with the Indian-Chinese fare that was doled out; we now have restaurants that offer authentic Lebanese, Japanese, French and Mexican fare.
  7. wine tourism Indian Wines Sula, Grover, Seagram are World ClassGreater appreciation for fine wine and its nuances mean that wine tourism has also taken off in India. Vineyards near Nashik, Bangalore, Akluj/Baramati offer visitors a unique experience that includes wine tasting and seeing how fine wines are made. These are typically beautiful locations, where guests can enjoy traditional wine making activities such as grape stomping and other interesting activities.

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