When it comes to bestow Jodha with gift for her role in saving his life, Akbar declares that he will build a new city Fatehpur Sikri dedicated to Jodha..

Akbar really seems to be in bliss after Maan Singh and Mirza Hakim have won the battle against some Pathans who were posing a threat against the Mughalstoday in Jodha Akbar. In addition, he is also glad that Ruqqaiya Begum helped him at the end in the Benazir drama. His happiness of course leads him to bestow gifts. He therefore declares a jaagir to Ruqqaiya for her role in helping him in this entire episode. However, Ruqqaiya insist Jalal to gift the jaagir to Salima Begum and Rahim as Jalal always wanted to gift that jaagir to Salima’s ex husband and his mentor Bairam Khan.

Jodha Akbar Fatehpur Sikri  Jodha Akbar 10th February Update: Fatehpur Sikri For Jodha?

Now, it is time for Akbar to express his gratitude towards Jodha who risked her life to save him. He so states that he cannot give anything that can match her dedication towards him. So, he declares to build an entire new city called “Fatehpur Sikri” in her name. Now, isn’t Fatehpur Sikri built to honor the Sufi saint Salim Chisti? Then how come here Akbar is claiming to build for Jodha? *Drum Rolls*

Ofc ourse this news is ought to bother Ruqqaiya Begum and Maham Anga. The two cannot stop expressing their jealousy, making Ruqaiyya reject the offer of going to sikri which Akbar had thought of going. In addition, his mother had insisted him to go along with his 3 wives. Hearing Ruqqaiya’s wish of not going, Salima Begum too makes an excuse so that Jodha Akbar are left alone in this journey. She always think good about the relation of Jodha Akbra, doesn’t she?

Well, the two new lover birds are all set to wear Marwari outfits and venture out for their trip. Let’s see how close the two come in this trip…

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Fatehpur Sikri,Wikimedia

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