Best wishes for 2016 and removing all forms of corruption and pollutants in Delhi . But along with that, a letter for him to run his eyes through.

Dear Arvind
Best wishes for 2016 and removing all forms of corruption and pollutants in Delhi .
arvind kejriwal Letter To National Convenor   Aam Aadmi Party
I am concerned that cyber volunteers of your party are still archiving video material relating to 2010-2011 period to, a US website apparently owned by Google Inc. in AAP’s present official account.
 AAP AAM AADMI PARTY Letter To National Convenor   Aam Aadmi Party

I came to know of this when somebody, possibly linked to expelled members of AAP (who are now in Swaraj Abhiyan), referenced this material on Wikipedia’s article on “India Against Corruption” yesterday.

Since you were busy with great affairs of State like #OddEvenScheme, I was therefore inclined to take up the matter with AAP’s Lokpal, but I was very disappointed to see that the AAP Lokpal is now only a single member panel consisting of some unknown “Dr. SP Verma (Educationist)”.

Dr SP Verma
Now Ex.Director ISTD(Indian Soc. for Training & Development),

(It seems he was until recently, and for many years, HR head of your father’s former employers Jindal Steel Ltd., who had kindly provided / loaned the thousands of Indian tricolor flags used during those Jan Lokpal campaign days – among other things).

Dr SP Verma
CEO – Power & Energy Division at Kandla Energy and Chemicals Ltd., Mumbai

(Who aspires to take up a challenging assignment: as ‘Vice Chancellor’ of a Private University; or, ‘Director’ of a Management Institute .. possessing over 30 other PG degrees, diplomas & certificates in various streams in engg., tech., mgt. & admin. etc.)


To my mind, neither of these persons deserves to be AAP’s Lopkal (but that is your internal matter)
We would like the uploaded video material to be removed / deleted  immediately from Youtube as IAC does not wish to be associated with the various lies and deceitful promises contained in these video clips featuring you and others, or to be associated with demand/s for Lokpal/s (who we view as the potential epicentres of massive corruption- and which BTW you had also indicated was the case in one the videos below)

Else, to sort out the public’s confusion, would you kindly ensure that AAP Lokpal’s CV is published on your website, under RTI Act 2005 or otherwise.

By Sarabjit 

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