8 Reasons Why We Love Bengali Women

1. She is Blunt, Opinionated and Has a Strong Personality

Next time you either date or attempt to have some discussions (adda over frothy ginger tea) with a Bengali woman ( Mamta Banerjee vs Communists etc), be prepared and brush up on your knowledge and analytic skill!  Let her win some of the debates and listen to her didactic speeches and you will be granted the entrance to her core group. She doesn’t only seem knowledgeable, but indeed is! And she has an opinion on everything under the sun! You don’t have? Then please try to have! She does not believe in the neutral zone!

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 2. She Leads With Her Intelligence

If you are in awe of her dreamy kohl rimmed eyes that hide behind the facades of her spectacles, and you think..awwww, she is a pet and resides in her dreamland; think thrice!!! She is not at all gullible and even too intelligent to let any of your actions go unseen. In fact, her over active brains do not archive the word-rest! (Don’t be lured by Sanjay Leela’s portrayal of Paro in Devdas!) And being abstract is what she takes pride at!

konkona sen bengali actress woman 8 Reasons Why We Love Bengali Women

 3. Her Intellect is the Key to her Sexuality

From Derrida to Neruda, politics to religion, sentimentalism to spiritualism: she has varied interests!  Try telling your love for Tintin ; she will inform you, it’s a political satire! And she will be the 3 am buddy to have ‘cha’, smoke and adda- a geek with a tadka of entertainment! You will wonder at her enthusiasm for Ritwik Ghatak and Justin Bieber at the same time and who can ever forget her in depth analysis after watching a film: scene by scene, frame by frame and dialogue by dialogue! She is not the one ready for small talks or gossiping idly!

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 4. She Does Not Believe In Fashion Trends But In Style

Her beautiful Tant Saree with a T Shirt and a huge Red Bindi, Kohl rimmed eyes and super sexy pixie crop can make you wonder her age, origin and profession! No, she is not trying to attract attention or being a pseudo-intellectual. It’s just her-not so everyday woman! She loves being herself (she knows about Camus and Existentialism!).  It will often make you wonder-if she is a half hippie or a half bohemian. But surely there would be no need to call the fashion police ever with her impeccable dress sense.

bohemian fashion bengali woman 8 Reasons Why We Love Bengali Women

 5. She Is The Other Name Of Culture

From Book fairs to Art house Cinema, from Lalon Philosophy to Carnatic Music- she has her heart divided for all. In fact, her melodious voice can instantly lull your brain like an opiate does! Did you just tell her, you are a die-hard fan of Madhuri? She will show you her memoirs of her dance classes at Mamata Shankar’s Ballet Troupe!

sonakshi sinha bengali woman saree 8 Reasons Why We Love Bengali Women

 6.  She is Liberal, Daring, Broadminded and Independent

She is one woman who does not want to get married by 23. For her, it’s not a marriageable age! She is single by choice and hates depending upon anyone. You can see her smoking in style and thinking analytically about being a single mother! She has the guts to go for a holiday alone and be a loner-self willingly, and yet maintain her dignity!

sushmita sen bengali woman 8 Reasons Why We Love Bengali Women

7. She Is A Feminist

Do not even dare cross her path, if you even have one friend who is a chauvinist! She can exactly quote lines from “Sexual Politics” or ‘The Beauty Myth.” It’s natural you will be totally clueless for her love of Taslima Nasrin or her ramblings about women empowerment (she thinks she can change men and the world)

kajol bengali woman feminist 8 Reasons Why We Love Bengali Women

 8.  She Lives To Travel

Her life is a journey filled with travel and discovery. She is curious to explore, learn and emulate the good things from new cultures. She is sure to share her wisdom and experience with near and dear ones.


bengali woman travel fashion 8 Reasons Why We Love Bengali Women

Lastly, her will-o wisp baby talking, her caring nature and the inherent mother in her all make her traditional, endearing, and innocent coupled with a defined and definite streak of modernity. She is a woman of substance and quite “naturally”, aware of it.

By Adrita Dey Ghatak and Richa Kaura

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