Know the actual story & people related to Mah Chuchak to understand the fantasy, fiction and facts depicted in the ongoing track of Jodha Akbar

Mahchuchak, another wife of Humayun is finally introduced in Jodha Akbar after going through lot of auditions throughout the nation. However, though we the audiences thought her entry might give new dimension to the ongoing serial, it appears that she only added to the chaos. Yes, the CVs of Balaji Telefilms somehow have totally lost the plot while taking the historical story from fiction to fantasy. Perhaps, the following points might help you to connect both with history as well as the historical series. 

mah chuchak Facts You Must Know Before Watching Mah Chuchak Track in Jodha Akbar

1. Mah Chuchak Was Humayun’s Begum & Not Some Chambal Ka Dakku 

Mahchuchak is known as an ambitious woman in Mughal history. Her greed for power and administration to rule Kabul is not hidden. She did not want any hurdle in between power and herself, therefore, she is well known for murdering her own generals. In addition, history is well versed with her victory over Munim Khan at Jalalabad. But, does any of these instances make her look like a Dacoit or a Bandit like it is shown in the serial? 

Mita Vashisht Mah Chuchak Jodha Akbar Facts You Must Know Before Watching Mah Chuchak Track in Jodha Akbar

Well, the attire of Mahchuchak reminds me of some fantasy story because any Mughal Begum, and that too a widow would not dress up like what it is shown. Oh yes, she might be cruel but does that turn her into a Bandit from a Mughal Begum? According to me, no matter how brutal she might be, her dressing style would be more or less like Hamida Banu Begum. 

2. Abu’l Maali Was Mah Chuchak’s Son-In-Law, Married to Her Eldest Daughter 

Abu’l Ma’ali or Abul Maali has been always addressed as brother-in-law of Akbar who ran off from Kabul to plot against Akbar. This means, he is already married to Mahchuchak’s daughter Fakhr-Un-Nissa, isn’t it? Then, how come we see two of Mahchuchak’s daughter as unmarried?  

Mah Chuchak Abdul Mali Facts You Must Know Before Watching Mah Chuchak Track in Jodha Akbar

Well, Mah Chuchak had 4 daughters – Fakhr-Un-Nissa, Bakht-Un-Nissa, Sakina Banu and Amina Banu. While Fakhr and Bakht were elder to Mirza Hakim, it is not mention whether the remaining other two were elder or younger.  

3. Mah Chuchak Begum Had 4 Daughters & Only 1 Son – Mirza Hakim 

Fakhr-Un-Nissa married Abul Mali before 1562 and two years later he killed, both his mother-in-law and her close aide Haidar Qasim Khobur. So, basically the entry of Abul Mali was after the entry of Haidar. I wonder, why the writers introduced Abul Maali in the very start and that too in Agra when historically he was only interested in Kabul and not Agra. 

Mirza Hakim Mah Chuchak Facts You Must Know Before Watching Mah Chuchak Track in Jodha Akbar

In addition, here in the serial, only two daughters are shown till now, perhaps Amina & Sakina. Nevertheless, the harsh behavior of Mah Chuchak Begum towards her two daughters who are also Mughal shehzaadi is beyond my understanding. This is purely writer’s imagination and fantasy. I do not mind seeing “natkya rupantar” but I’m yet to understand rough behavior towards the two shehzaadi. 

4. Haider Qasim Khobur was One of the Advisors of Mah Chuchak Begum 

Mah Chuchak had several advisors. After her earlier three advisors died, Haider Qasim became her advisor. Haider’s family had a record of serving the dynasty and he too joined the bandwagon. Abul Mali killed Haider too after killing Mah Chuchak Begum in the year 1564. Mirza Hakim was only 10 when his mother died.

By: Deepti Verma 

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