Jungle Raj runs high in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Incidents happen and media doesn’t notice unless TRP raiser. An eight year old kid dies and none fights.

Dear readers, you must not be familiar with the eight-year old innocent who was shot in the jungle-raj-diseased Uttar Pradesh. And cause? Accidentally bullet escapes the muzzle of the gun held by SP’s party-men. Wow! Isn’t this foolhardiness too shrewd to have begotten? One is so tied-up celebrating their firing that a bullet succeeds inviting death in a kid’s flowering life.

eight year old shot in up Can Media Please Hog Attention For 8 Yr Old Shot In UP?

Well, what vexes me more than these political honchos’ gruesome act is the media’s unpaid heed to the matter. The media which otherwise roared aloud Mohammad Akhlaq’s lynching incessantly for months could not ape the same towards this tot for a day even.

akhlaqs family Can Media Please Hog Attention For 8 Yr Old Shot In UP?


The innocent death befell yesterday, and not yet had the wheels of justice orbited around the social media. Doesn’t it sound startling from the media’s end? The bitter truth is that media is selectively political about choosing their newsfeed.

Not a death that leaves a doting mother sobbing comes in the glare of media. But, a death that leaves a Muslim mother sobbing does. Kudos for such considerate media!

Not the politicians but media plays politics, right?

By Prerna Daga

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