Nitin Gadkari’s unfair business ambitions and the maze of ‘benami’ companies has landed himself in serious trouble (in fact, more than the trouble he caused others in his party).

Nitin Gadkari‘s unfair business ambitions has landed himself in serious trouble (in fact, more than the trouble he caused others in his party). There are allegations that he has set up a maze of dummy and benami companies using false PAN numbers. Further when a Director is shown on papers in a company there is an allowance support for his transport / car / mobile / office and so on – so his directorship cannot be denied by him ex-poste. Mostly driven by power and greed, Nitin Gadhkari’s ‘Purti’ scam shows how `selected` model (read scam) companies in India and overseas are run.

nitin gadkari files defamation complaint against kejriwal Nitin Gadkari Insults `Honest` Indian Businesses

The sharpest attack on the BJP chief have come, however, not from the Congress, but from a BJP faction that wanted Mr. Gadkari replaced as the BJP President. These actions by Yashwant Sinha got ugly when Gadkari (is purported to have) added a banner right outside the BJP headquarters showing Yashwant Sinha in poor light.

yashant sinha poster by gadkari apparently Nitin Gadkari Insults `Honest` Indian Businesses

Last week Nitin Gadhkari filed a case on Arvind Kejriwal demanding evidences of his corruption (ulta chor kotwal ko date).

Let us see how AAP is officially handling the expose of Nitin Gadkari’s business empire. AAP Media on their websites have put eleven exhibits as evidence to show how on one side farmers are committing suicides in Vidarbha and on the other hand BJP’s National President Nitin Gadkari was worried about `held up` payments of (his shell companies ?) companies  building dams.

In Part 1 of Nitin Gadhkari Pol Khol this column documents the fraud involved in building fake companies (on paper) with paid drivers, paid bakers, paid pundits, and astrologers as company Directors. Pol Khol exposes this trick of twisting and bending company laws which is not new. This trick is practiced by several business houses who bribe the work inspectors, accumulate black money and buy their silence.

In Nitin Gadhkari’s case dubious cross-holdings and funding patterns, was exposed intelligently by media. Nitin Ghadkari is NOT an ordinary businessman but is a well informed senior politician of the BJP. Nitin Gadkaris and Robert Vadaras in India must never be allowed to bend laws with impunity.

It will be unfair to call this a Political scam as it is a planned loot by a political party’s senior politician. There is no social audit and transparency for the Public while hundreds of dummy companies get floated each day for easy money (from the government for fake services rendered) as seen in case of Nitin Gadkari – ex-President-BJP.

No change in Indian political DNA or any ‘corporate business governance’ without kicking out the ‘Robert Vadaras’ and ‘Gadhkaris’ is possible.

By Rakesh Manchanda

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Image Source: Nitin Gadkari,Yashwant Sinha Defamatory Banner

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